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Shopinas joins the first ever Pinoy Cyber Sale


With the advocacy of promoting online shopping in the country, the Department Trade and Industry together with major e-commerce players and digital industry leaders came together in a “Gearing Up for Pinoy E-Commerce” recently held at the Discovery Primea in Makati City.


There were presentations, speeches and panel discussions that weighed in on the impact of e-commerce and how it is transforming Filipino consumer behavior and experiences. With almost 50 Million Filipino online, these customers are just ready to be offered a good deal. With this in mind, the major e-commerce players would be more than happy to give them what they want.



To answer this need, this event launched the very first Pinoy Cyber Sale, a unified online sale event where over 20 e-commerce layers in the country will be showcasing attractive deals and discounts this November 27 to 30.

As one of the major e-commerce players, shopinas feels the need to provide more options for the increasing number of online Filipino shoppers.

Participating merchants and their offers can be viewed on Merchants include Shopinas, Lazada, Zalora, Foodpanda, Ensogo, Shopee, Goods, Xend Business Solutions, Weemall,, Reloved, Island Rose, Azalea Residences, Best Western Antel, Ellana Minerals, Mimaropa Ventures, One Network E-Commerce, Shopback, and Takatack. The Pinoy Cyber Sale is seen to become an annual online shopping event in the Philippines.

Beauty Gift Guide for her

Beauty Gift Guide this Holiday Season


Are you looking for the best gifts for your Mom, Tita, Ate, Little Sister, Special Someone, Girlfriend or kikay friend? Or are you just out to find the perfect gift for yourself this Holiday Season?

To help you out in your struggles, Here is our beauty gift guide for all you pretty ladies out there!

Snoe Beauty Christmas Bundles 

The beauty store that brought us these lovely skincare products all year long has something special for us this Christmas.  Snoe Beauty gives #LetItSnoe Christmas Bundles as a way of giving back to their beautiful and fabulous clients this year.Snoe Beauty Christmas Bundle Gift

Snoe Beauty Christmas Bundle Gift

Here are just some of the Christmas beauty bundles waiting for you at Snoe Beauty

Sakiraya Pretty in Pink Cosmetics

If you’re in a budget and looking for quality cosmetics, you can visit Sakiraya Online Store. These are made in Taiwan. These are fast moving items especially for kikay employees. You can also give a bunch of these to your girlfriend. It’s also cute for your the dalagitas and dalagindings.

Sakiraya Christmas Cosmetics

Find more of their pretty items at Sakiraya’s Online Store!

Surya Brasil

International brand Surya Brasil is now in the Philippines just in time for Christmas. This is the perfect gift for your girl friends or girlfriend who wants to sport a new look or to glam up for the holidays.

Surya Brasil Christmas Items

You may check out all their items now at Surya Brasil!

Rio Beauty Gadgets

Give her something new and innovative this Christmas. If you think, a skincare treatment or a salon makeover is too expensive and short-term. Why not give her a long-term gadget she could use? Rio shares this Christmas the salon inspired home use beauty treatments.

Rio Beauty Gadget Accessory Christmas Gift

The best salon inspired beauty treatments are now easily accessible at Rio‘s Online Store.

Do you have your pick for her this Christmas? She may be your Mom, Tita, Lola, Special Someone, Girlfriend or Girl friend.Though at the end of the day, what you need to do is to make her happy this Christmas Day.

So let us know, if you made her happy with this beauty guide. Leave us a comment of what you think should be the perfect present for her.

Best Online Deals that will make you Scream this Halloween


This Halloween prepare your bag of goodies for all the best online deals, treats and discounts this season at


Here we list down your choices for all the treats you can collect this Halloween:

Prestigio Multiphone

Prestigio gives out an awesomely cool FREE Skull Candy Earphone to match your equally stylish Multiphone.

Who wouldn’t want to get this sweet deal?! Hurry and Click here.

Snoe Beauty Inc.

Snoe Beauty gives us tips on how to achieve that sexy goth-chic look this Halloween.

Find all these beauty essentials perfect for this Halloween season. For Groomed Brows, Moody Eyes, The Statement Lip and Matte Translucent Foundation, Find it all here.

Make your kids scream in so much excitement with a whole set of Filipino Endangered Animals as treats this Halloween.

Finding an alternative for candies as treats? Grab a whole bunch of these here. Give these out to those who will knock on your door for a Trick or Treat.

Bonus: Visit here for Up to 70% off discounts this Halloween.

What do you like among the best online deals we have this Halloween? Come and Let us know so we can have more treats, deals and discounts next month!

KaEntrep Group Photo_result

Shopinas partners with Ka Entrep for eCommerce


Shopinas aims to give all SMEs the opportunity to battle out against big corporations through eCommerce. It is costly to build one website by oneself. So we at integrated payment and logistics to your site for a low cost.

KaEntrep SMEs_2_result

We partner up with Ka Entrep to help their SMEs have their own online store. Ka-Entrep is an organization for SMEs to meet their fellow entrepreneurs.

As part of our advocacy to educate Filipino entrepreneurs about eCommerce, we organized a seminar to gather all the KaEntrep SMEs.

KaEntrep President_result

The seminar was opened by Ka-Entrep’s National President Mr. Joseph Arnold De Guzman. He proudly introduced the newest Ka-Entrep Shop for all their SME’s. He explained how Filipino products need to go global.

The first step in doing so is to have their very own website so that buyers and consumers can easily see and access their products online.

KaEntrep Discussion_result

Here Mr. Mark Joseph Panganiban, Head of Sales and Marketing for discussed how it was to make and maintain your own online store.

KaEntrep Training_result

We then provided the SMEs a hands on experience with their online store so they can start editing and using it on their own. It was a quick and easy system for them so it wasn’t hard explaining to them how it woks.

KaEntrep Train eCommerce_result

It was a long day but it was totally worth it for us and these awesome SMEs who are eager to learn on how to have their own online store.

Kaentrep SMEs_result

We had a great time with these eager SMEs and of course every event won’t be complete without a group photo.

KaEntrep Group Photo_result

Stay tuned for Ka-Entrep Shop’s official website launch


Ureka Forum empowers Filipino Entrepreneurs in Baguio


Ureka Forum_Entrance_Baguio

Shopinas was a part of the Ureka Forum recently held at CAP Convention Center, Camp John Hay this October 3, 2015. It was a great pleasure that we became a part of this “EUREKA moment” along with our consortium partners.


The Ureka Forum was created with the aim of championing business innovation among the local SMEs via the e-commerce platform. provides SMEs a platform for online that is why we were tapped as a consortium partner.

Sheila Lina_Ureka Forum

Our CEO Ms. Sheila Lina discussed how to empower Filipino Entrepreneurs thru eCommerce at the Ureka Forum. She talked about how an online shop should have: a storefront or a website for transactions, payment platforms and logistics.


The audience in the forum listened intently and took notes of the talk.


Mr. Mark Joseph Panganiban, Head of Sales and Marketing discussed how SMEs could sell better online. He presented “The Anatomy of an eCommere Business” wherein he shares all the things you need for your online business.


After the forum, Shopinas was part of the e-commerce Circuit. We have e-commerce specialists to supervise the web development students of University of the Cordilleras. With the help of these students, we were able to assist the all SMEs who wanted to have their own online stores. 


The SMEs passionately shared their business to the eCommerce specialists that assisted them.


Ecommerce Circuit4

The SMEs enjoyed how simple it was to build their online store.


All SMEs who finished their online store gets an additional freebie from Shopinas. All SMEs actually finished their online store. It was an awesome achievement for all of us.

University of Cordilleras

The University of the Cordilleras students are all smiles when they got their eCommerce specialist certificates from Shopinas. These guys are the best and hardworking students we know. We are totally proud and thankful to them.


At the end of the program, Shopinas gave a way a few prizes for our forum attendees. Congratulations to our Ureka Forum raffle winners!


It was a successful event for all the SMEs and all our consortium partners. We hope to travel the whole country to encourage every Filipino Entrepreneur to do eCommerce and to make sure that each one of them have a working online store for business.

Where do you think should be the next Ureka Forum? Let us know in the comments.

Shopinas Trainers

Shopinas invades the University of the Cordilleras



Shopinas invades the University of the Cordilleras in Baguio. We were welcomed by all these bright young minds ready to be trained for eCommerce.

University of the Cordilleras

Shopinas Head of Sales and Marketing, Mark Joseph Panganiban opens the topic of eCommerce for discussion. He discussed how to start your online business and what are the things that you need for your complete eCommerce platform.


He then discussed how the students will be a part of the Ureka Forum. After that, they were prepared to be trained on how to use the system to create an online store for the SMEs.

Daisy Darren Jornales

Our QA specialist, Daisy Jornales personally trained these young minds from the University of the Cordilleras for their special task during the Ureka Forum.

Ureka Shops

After training the University of the Cordilleras students, we then check each one if they can personally do it. 


After seeing that they can do it, we ask them to explain how to do it. We are grateful that all the students given to us quickly understood the instructions and knowledge given to them. joins industry leaders for the Ureka Forum



Ureka Forum

(Left to Right) Christopher Cañadella, Senior Manager for Marketing – AIR21; Amor Maclang, GeiserMaclang Communications, Inc.; (third from right) Genaro Lapez, EVP – Unionbank; Carmelita Usman, DTI CAR, Assistant Regional Director; Mark Joseph Panganiban, Sales and Marketing Head -

The Philippines has been using the internet in many ways. Filipinos are active online users. That is why, financial institutions are keen on utilizing the internet with SMEs with the use of the eCommerce platform.

UnionBank of the Philippines (UnionBank), as part of its commitment to make a difference in Philippine business communities, has been at the forefront of providing Filipinos with innovative banking and business solutions for decades.The Bank has also been conducting e-commerce training workshops to familiarize Filipino entrepreneurs with the platform and the vast advantages it offers.

By helping pursue development that can provide equal financial growth opportunities for Filipinos, the Bank continues to fulfill its role in getting more individuals and institutions become empowered socially and economically. With this concept in mind, UnionBank has come up with an innovative, multi-faceted initiative that aims to help boost positive business practices among Filipino small and medium enterprises (SMEs): the Ureka Forum.

Shopinas admires the vision of the Ureka Forum. It aligns to our idea of empowering Filipino entrepreneurs through eCommerce. With Ureka, we would like to empower local entrepreneurs to go beyond their limits and become major contributors to the social and economic growth of the city of Baguio.

“Real change requires real partnerships. Through the Ureka Forum, UnionBank and its consortium partners want to enable SMEs to fully utilize the Internet as a new channel for reaching out to a wider market, thus growing their respective businesses,” says Genaro Lapez, UnionBank’s Executive Vice President and Head of Center for Strategic Partnerships. 

The Ureka Forum consists of Shopinas, UnionBank, Air21, AMTI, DragonPay, Panahon TV, PLDT SME Nation, Janette Toral, and GeiserMaclang.

“As a platform for economic empowerment, the Ureka Forum puts together a community of experts and organizations that rally behind every Filipino’s capability to multiply growth even a hundred-fold through entrepreneurship that knows no boundaries,” adds Lapez. “Just like how people go to Baguio, to the City of Pines, to relax and unwind, we look at the Ureka Forum to provide a fresh air for e-Commerce in the Philippines.”


Going beyond knowledge-transfer

The Ureka Forum will talk to leading businesses, institutions, and industry experts to provide a dynamic platform where local entrepreneurs can realize the potential of their businesses in the online world. It intends to reach out directly to SMEs and tailor fit solutions that will enable them to grow exponentially and promote local entrepreneurship and products to the fullest.

This initiative is guided by three main pillars:

(1) a thought leadership component. where a consortium of business and technology experts will discuss e-commerce and other relevant topics;

(2) a business development component featuring a workshop called the “e-Commerce Circuit,” where entrepreneurs will be guided in launching their own business websites on the same day; and

(3) an enterprise partnership component, where SMEs can grow their network and collaborate with a community of businesses to modernize their business strategies.


We at would like to share our experience in web development and online retail, and of course by collaborating with other industry leaders and experts here at the Ureka Forum. So come and join us this October 3 at Camp John Hay Trade and Cultural Center, Loakan City Baguio. Our team will be there and make sure that all your eCommerce questions are answered.

Learn more about how your business can be a part of the Ureka Forum by visiting

Credits to GeiserMaclang

FacebookTumblr joined the E-commerce Entrepreneurs Summit this August 29,2015 at Best Western Antel Hotel, Makati. This event is a gathering of the prominent people of eCommerce.

Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Summit (3)
In this Summit, showed a proof of concept for a start up in front of all these great minds.

Mr. Mark Joseph Panganiban, Head of Sales and Marketing of wonders about having communities about fashion, babies, sports, movies and even kinky stuff . Then asks the question, why is there no community for drinkers?

MJ Panganiban Shopinas Tagay.Ph

Now, where could drinkers build this community of their own? has the answer to that. We have who will be your alcohol buddy /  drinking buddy that will quench your drinking habit. will be your go-to-eCommerce store for all the alcohol and liquor that you need.

This will be a home to a number of liquors for you to choose from. This site will also feature toys that can used during drinking sessions. It will feature beer pongs and other equipment.  It seems like a whole lot of fun products will be there. (laughs)

To add a little fun to the experience, will feature a forum named Usapang Lasing. It will be the place for all the drinkers to share experiences and tag the one who will pay and take care of the next inuman. (Cool, right?)

More photos during the event:

Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Summit

Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Summit (2)

Are you excited about this new shopinas endeavor? Gather your party peeps and drinking buddies then make tagay to!

You may check out or visit right now but its still is in its baby stages so please be a little understanding.

Though, please let us comment below and let us know what you think about tagay,ph so we can improve.

Photo Courtesy: Mga Ladawan ni Aman by Aman Dela Cruz

Care for the Rare: Save our Endangered Species!


Save these cute animals from extinction!

Remind your children that these animals exists. For just 55 pesos, you got yourself your very own endangered species.



GUND TAMARAW               

Endangered species found naturally on the island of Mindoro, Philippines. They have a compact, heavyset, and bovine body; four legs that end in cloven hooves; and a small horned head at the end of a short neck. Tamaraw are known to be aggressive and fierce when necessary.





Endangered species endemic to the south of Palawan, on Balabac Island. Mouse Deer is about 40 centimeters tall at shoulder level. When they sense danger, they stomp their hind legs to warn their own kind. They can survive on their own and they are active during night time. While during the daytime, they just stay in the forest.





Bearcat is also known as “Binturong”, found naturally in Palawan, Philippines. They can grow to up to as much as 1.4 meters. Their ears are lined with white fur, and they have long and white whiskers reach as far as the length of my head. They make chuckling sounds when they are happy and make high-pitched screams when they are annoyed. They also love to climb trees and swing from branch to branch using their claws and tail in search of food.




Endangered species endemic to the northeastern part of the Philippines archipelago. This is the world’s largest fish and can grow up to 20 meters long, Whale Shark “Butanding”can live for about 70 years. This species has been around for over 60 million years and they only eat tiny animals like plankton and krill.





Endangered species found naturally on two of the Visayan islands in central Philippines. Warty Pig “BaboyDamo”is one of the four species of wild pigs found only in the Philippines. They get their name from the warts on their skin that protects them from danger. Unlike domesticated pigs, which have to be fed, they can live on their own and forage for their own food.





Endangered species that found naturally in the forests of the Philippines.Cloud Rat lively at night, live high up in the trees and love to eat plants. This endangered species have a small ears, flowing whiskers, a trailing tail, and extended claws. They survive with gentleness and serenity.


Collect all 6 of them!

Don’t let them be lonely.