Top 6 items you need this Holy Week


To help you pray hard this holy week and to give you protection and security.




To give us the warmth that helps us reflect and repent for our sins.



Candle Holder

To provide a strong foundation for the warm lit candle that helps us to reflect.

Candle Holder



To remember Mother Mary’s sacrifices this Lenten Season and to remember her love for us all.




To have the symbol of protection be with you as you get through this Holy week



Easter Egg

To celebrate Easter Sunday, get your finding hats ready, celebrate Easter Sunday and search for the missing Easter eggs.



At the end of the day, remember this holy week that we need to feel the presence of the lord and to be able to reflect be it with the help of an item or not. Let us commemorate the Passion of Christ this Holy Week.

Happy Lenten Season to all! joins the National Food Fair


Last March 26, 2014, The Department of Trade and Industry proudly launched this years’ Sikat Pinoy Event at the Megatrade Halls, SM Megamall that ran from March 26 to 30, 2014. A number of Pinoy Entrepreneurs joined the event to represent their respective regions and provinces. Each exhibitor has their very own product pride to share; it was an amazing and yummy sight to see. It was full of different products you can’t always find here in the metro.


It was like being in a food haven of world-class delicacies from various regions in the country that some of us thought we never have. They are delicious, beautiful and most of all, budget-friendly products made by our kababayans.


The foods are enticing to look at but the booths by the participants are also something to admire. It was a short representation or introduction of where they came from.


As a part of DTI and Shopinas’ partnership for educating SME’s about e-commerce, Shopinas was also present at the Sikat Pinoy Event.


We are able to touch both exhibitors and visitors about the power of ecommerce for the future of businesses. E commerce is not only supposed to be easy, fast and efficient but it must also be secured. Shopinas has sparked a number of interests for those who would like to use our integrated payment and logistics solutions.


The seminar was specially conducted by our very own Mr. Mark Joseph Panganiban, our Senior Sales and Business Development Specialist.


We are very happy to share our e-commerce advocacy plus the power to educate even more Filipinos about the future of ecommerce. It is with a warm heart that we thank everyone who has joined the Sikat Pinoy Event. The Filipino creativity and ingenuity should be shared to different parts of the world. So why not make your own online store with Shopinas today?

Show Your Love This Valentine’s Day

It’s not easy to love someone, nor is it easy for anyone to love us what with all our flaws and imperfections. And yet there are people out there who love us for who we are, be it our parents, our spouse or partner, or our best friend. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show all these people how much we care for them and how much we appreciate the love and care that they show us 24/7, 365 days a year.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Clockwise from top left:

Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Clockwise from top left:

  • Is he always weighed down with things – laptop, gym clothes, etc? Why not give him the Marley Lively Up Scout Bag (dimensions: 30cm x 40cm x 15cm) with padded internal pockets for a laptop & iPad/reader plus 3 external accessory pockets.
  • Toast the day of hearts with him with some Vino de Coco Wine (11% alcohol content) from OTOP Store Clark.
  • Is he a heavy smartphone user? Does he always run out of battery? This Car Juice from Mobile Wonders will make sure he never runs into that same problem again.
  • If he’s the type who jams to a playlist while at work, Marley Positive Vibration is perfect. It even comes with its own cotton carry bag for easy transport!
  • For the music lover, check out the HMDX Rave Portable Speaker from Homedics. It has a Bluetooth wireless range of up to 10 meters, and works well with virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device. It also comes with a 3.5mm AUX input for non-Bluetooth devices. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows up to 4 hours of continuous play.

Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

The year of the horse is almost upon us! Chinese New Year celebrations begin on January 31, 2014; have you started preparing your home and office for the new year? If not, here are some tips to get you started.

First, get down and dirty.
It’s time to get rid of all that clutter! The horse is a minimalist, so first order of business is to get everything clean and organized. Get rid it of all the junk that you’ve accumulated.

Sweep away all the dust and dirt with this household staple, the walis tambo.

Sweep away all the dust and dirt with this household staple, the walis tambo.

Choose appropriate colours and accents for each room.
Consider the colors purple, orange and red for your living room. Green and gray colors will work well for the kitchen; additionally, introduce the wood element into your kitchen through live plants and simple framed art or photographs. In the bedroom, go for off-white and soft pastels or white with accents of brown, beige, gold, or silver. Decorate the bathroom with elements of blues and whites, with accents of black, wood, natural fibers and stone. Enlarge this space further and make it even more bright and cheerful through the use of mirrors. Meanwhile, earth tones like terracotta, gold and yellow are recommended for the dining room, and furnish it with wooden furniture. 

For the living room (clockwise from top left): the Lotus Candleholder is a great table topper; accessorise your window with these Wind Chi or hang them by your door; decorate your living room with the red version of the Shell Torotot Decor.

For the living room

For the kitchen (clockwise from the top): protect your counters by placing hot dishes to cool on top of this abaca placemat with green accent; never lose track of time (and never overcook your dishes!) with a wall round clock; another great way to protect your counters is to use this buntal raffia fiber combi in green

For the kitchen

For the bedroom (clockwise from top left): illuminate your room with this gorgeous gold link pendant chandelier, this brown tall vase (set of 3) or brown vase (set of 3) can be perfect accent pieces in one corner of your bedroom.

For the bedroom

For the bathroom (clockwise from top left): add a touch of zen with this incense holder made of serpentinite rock from Zambales; introduce soft lighting for when you want to relax while having a bath with this two tone candleholder also made of serpentinite rock from Zambales; decorate one corner of your bathroom (or your bathroom counter, if there’s enough space) with these stonecast candleholders (set of 2); give your bathroom an illusion of space with this mirror made of mahogany frame and glass or this mirror with inlay design; prettify your tissue with this wooden tissue holder.

For the bathroom

For the dining room (clockwise from top left): add this driftwood with glass vase as your dining table centerpiece; top your sideboard with this monsanto wooden lantern; serve rice or other dishes with this lovely wooden pinya; gather round this calvin round dining table at every meal; turn off the lights and use a tea light candle inside this oris tea light for a romantic dinner for two; dress up your meals with this coco placemat.

For the dining room


Get enough clean fresh air.
Open your windows regularly to allow the air to circulate. Keep fresh flowers around the house to help clear the air. Alternatively, use an air purifier to ensure that the air in your home is always full of oxygen. 

Ozein Air

Ozein Air, with its 4-stage air purifying system, is a great addition to your home. It effectively removes 99.99% of airborne contaminants such as dust, pollen, smoke, mold, pet dander, and dioxin. It also kills any virus and bacteria that pass through its system.

Choose rounded corners for your furniture. 
As experts advise against sharp corners in your furniture, choose those with rounded corners instead. Avoid arranging furniture in an L-shaped position.

Furniture with Rounded Corners(Left to right): Grab this rounded stool made of weaved abaca as the perfect accent to any room of your house. This beautiful stool is made of wrought iron, but made in such a way that it makes you think of bamboo; this can be a perfect addition for the living room.

Get Started on Your New Year Resolutions with Shopinas!

After all the fun and excitement of the New Year celebration, it’s now time to sit down and reflect on what we want for ourselves in 2014. This time of year always brings us the promise of a fresh start, a chance to reinvent or reinvigorate ourselves, and to make the new year be even better than the previous one was.

Whatever your New Year resolution (or resolutions) may be, Shopinas can help you achieve these goals. For a start, here are 3 common New Year resolutions that most of us make, and some ideas to help get you started.


We always tell ourselves that this is the year that we will lose weight. Get a jumpstart on this resolution with these items (clockwise, from top left).

NY Resolution - Get Moving


Have you heard of the expression “you are what you eat”? Studies have shown that making better food decisions boosts your immune system, keeps you slim and fit (even without exercise!) and generally keeps your body in better shape. Time to throw away all that junk food and eat right. Here are some ideas (clockwise, from top left):

NY Resolution - Eat Better

  • Not all cooking oils are created equal. For a healthy cooking alternative, use either olive oil or coconut oil – even better if you can grab the extra virgin (first press) type. Oleum Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are both available from Gana Vida.
  • Time to ditch those unhealthily rich salad dressings like Ranch and Thousand Island. For a healthier option, drizzle balsamic vinegar over your greens or mix a small portion of balsamic vinegar with some extra virgin olive oil for your own homemade vinaigrette dressing. Aceto Balsamico is available from Gana Vida.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals, the malunggay plant which was once known as “the poor man’s vegetable” is now fondly called a “miracle tree”. Enrich any meal with vitamins from Moringa & More’s Malunggay Flakes. You can mix some malunggay flakes in your soup or salad dressing, add it to your bread mix, combine it with your rice – the possibilities are endless.
  • Enjoy a cup of herbal tea at the end of your meal – and even between meals – to boost your immune system, cure a wide variety of ailments, and add more vitamins and minerals into your daily diet. Check out the wide range of herbal teas from Gourmet Farms.


What better way to start the new year than to throw away all the garbage you’ve accumulated and get an organization system going both at home and at work? Say goodbye to frantic searches amidst piles of rubbish for your car keys, favorite earrings, or a pen that actually works.

NY Resolution - Get Organized

  • This beautiful basket bin, lovingly made in Cebu, can be used for a variety of purposes: a stylish trash bin, an umbrella stand, a place for your newspapers and magazines, among others.
  • Keep all your jewelry and accessories in one place, such as this lovely jewelry box from Cebu.
  • If you’ve ever had to rummage in your bag for small items such as a ballpen, lipstick, house keys, or your packet of Smints, then the pitaka pouch from All Pinoy Mini Mart is for you. It’s perfect for holding together all these items so that you can easily find them anytime in your bag.
  • When traveling, keep all your important travel documents organized in one place such as this Kris TV passport organizer.
  • Never forget an important appointment, remind yourself of important errands to run and things to do, and jot down important notes using these beautiful Inaul handwoven notepads (refillable) from Davao.

Happy New Year!

Christmas Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for gift-giving (and receiving)! If you haven’t made any headway with your Christmas gift list yet, fret not! We’ve put together a few suggestions to help you on your way.

Christmas Gift Suggestions – For Him


Counter-clockwise from top left:

Christmas Gift Suggestions – For Her


Counter-clockwise from top left:

  • This Love Macy Dress from Chocolate Clothing is perfect for business casual Fridays or for a casual day out on the weekend! It’s available in two colours: raspberry (as pictured) and dusted periwinkle. 
  • For the stylish yuppie, the Teodora bag from Jacinto & Lirio is made from 100% water hyacinth leather and comes with a laptop cushion and ample room (as well as compartments) for all her various items such as mobile phone, pens, cards, and flash drive.
  • The woman who is constantly on the go and always on her feet will never go wrong with this pair of Chloe flats by Shoe Room.
  • Give her skin a real treat with the Emu.Cleanse Foaming Cream Wash from Snoe Beauty. This special blend of Emu Oil, Acai Berry and Singkamas removes dirt and grime, moisturises, gently protects from environment pollutants, and also whitens the skin.
  • This Skinny Racer top from Thriv is perfect for when she goes running, does yoga or any other physical activity. It offers UPF 50+ protection. Its flex-fiv fabric is made of bamboo, organic cotton and elastane, giving ultimate comfort and performance to its wearer.
  • She can easily dress up any look with this Torquoise B necklace from Illumine Style Depot.

Christmas Gift Suggestions – For The Little One


Counter-clockwise from top left:

  • This beautiful Elk Ride-On Vehicle from Babies to Toddlers is designed to develop your child’s walking skills, at the same time amazing and entertaining them for hours on end. Handcrafted in Germany, this is a perfect toy for boys and girls aged 12 months +.
  • Dress up your little girl in these one-of-a-kind infant onesies with matching elastic headband from Tiddletots. The onesies are made of 100% cotton, and all embellishments are handmade.
  • For the budding David Copperfield, this Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set will get him started. The set includes 10 tricks for beginners that are easy to master but are of professional caliber.
  • Teach your young one the alphabet the fun and easy way with this Cat Puzzle, crafted by persons with disabilities, from Tahanang Walang Hagdanan.
  • Get him or her bath-ready with this adorable fleece bathrobe and matching slippers from BABYWORLD! This set is available in 2 colours: cotton candy (as pictured) and sky blue.
  • Give your little girl a huggable Coralyn Doll such as Lulu and Coline – they are bright, colourful, and easy to maintain/wash!

And here are some more great gift ideas, in case the ones above weren’t enough:


Counter-clockwise from top left:

Happy Christmas shopping!

Buy a #TulongPH shirt and contribute to #YolandaPH relief efforts

Proceeds of the #TulongPH shirt go towards Yolanda relief efforts

Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan) made landfall in the Philippines last November 8, 2013. With sustained winds of 315kph (196mph), it was classified as a Category 5 super typhoon when it hit the country. It caused massive destruction and loss of life in central Philippines, particularly in Leyte and Samar. Other affected areas include Cebu, Bohol, and Palawan. UN officials have estimated that about 11 million people were affected by the storm, with many left homeless. The current death toll stands at almost 4,000.

To help our fellow countrymen affected by the typhoon, ABS-CBN is selling its TulongPH shirt (price: Php250 plus shipping) on its store at, proceeds of which will go towards the Yolanda relief fund. This shirt is available in 1 colour (white) and you may choose from 4 sizes, with dimensions (length x width x shoulder) as follows:

  • Small  - 66.5cm x 48.5cm x 41.5cm
  • Medium – 68.5cm x 51cm x 43cm
  • Large -  70cm x 53.5cm x 46cm
  • Extra Large - 71cm x 54cm x 46c
The TulongPH shirt, available in 4 sizes, is priced at Php250.

The TulongPH shirt is priced at Php250, with proceeds going towards Yolanda relief efforts.

Please note that due to the overwhelming volume of orders so far, all orders made on November 16 onwards will have a ship-out date of November 22 or later. We are so grateful for everyone’s support, and we will appreciate everyone’s patience as we do our utmost best to fulfill everyone’s orders as fast as we can.

Apart from buying the TulongPH shirt, you can also help with the Yolanda relief efforts through any of the other ways below:


  • You may call the ABS-CBN Foundation Sagip Kapamilya telethon hotline at 411-4995 for scheduling. Look for Jeng Del Rosario.
  •’s head office at Cargohaus Building is a DSWD satellite centre for the repacking of relief goods. Walk-in volunteers are welcome, with operations happening round the clock. Our complete address is Air21 Cargohaus Building, Brgy. Vitalez, NAIA Complex, Paranaque City. We are located near NAIA Terminal 2, turn right immediately after the airport checkpoint. Look for a pink 4-story building. For more information, you may call the DSWD hotline at 459-2131.
  • You may also volunteer at the Villamor Airbase to greet evacuees arriving daily. For queries, send your email at [email protected] You can also get more info and sign up as volunteer through their Facebook page: and Google Docs registration form:


  • You may donate cash and/or in kind (clothes, shoes, canned goods, water, etc) through ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya. For more details, please check their TulongPH page.
  • Air21 Stores are accepting donations of clothes, shoes, canned goods, water, etc until November 30. For the list of branches, please refer to this page:

A comprehensive list of ways that you can reach out and help is also available on Rappler’s #ReliefPH page.

Shopinas Sends Aid to Visayas Earthquake Victims cares

On the morning of October 15, Tuesday, an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 struck Central Visayas. The tremors were felt throughout the Visayas region and as far as Mindanao and Southern Luzon. Hardest hit were the provinces of Cebu and Bohol.

The catastrophe has claimed at least 100 lives to date and injured countless others. It toppled many structures, including heritage sites hundreds of years old such as the Church of San Pedro Apostol in Loboc. It has left hundreds of citizens homeless. Parts of Visayas remain without electricity or access to fresh drinking water due to infrastructural damages.

Responding to the locals’ plea for assistance, responded by sending 10 boxes of bottled water to Bohol. Our thoughts and prayers are also constantly with our countrymen in Cebu and Bohol.

water donated bottled water to affected areas in Bohol

You too can help the people of these affected areas by donating in cash or in kind. Here are a few ways in which you can help, whether you’re based in the Philippines or abroad:

  1. Ayala Foundation is accepting cash donations online from donors based in the Philippines or abroad through its Laging Handa Donation Channel. If you don’t have a credit card, you can still donate through bank deposit through their BPI account.
    Account No: 0011-1335-41
    Merchant Name: Ayala Foundation, Inc.
    Reference Number: D315004 + Donor’s name
  2. The Philippine Red Cross is accepting donations in cash or in kind. More details may be found through their Donations page or you can also follow them on Twitter for announcements and updates.
  3. World Vision is also accepting donations. You may call their hotline at 372-7777 or visit their website at
  4. The Aboitiz Foundation is accepting cash donations. For details, visit this page:
  5. Philippine Airlines has activated its Humanitarian Cargo Grant program. It will accept donations to be transported for free to Tagbilaran and Cebu. It will also provide free air transportation to certified volunteer doctors and medical specialists participating in relief efforts. To avail of the grant, contact the PAL Foundation at 851-2980 or 855-8000 local 2653.

Whose Side Are You On? PBA Limited Edition Jerseys, Now on Sale Only at!

Are you Team Ginebra, Alaska, or Barako Bull? Who’s your favorite player in PBA? Perhaps it’s Beau Belga, no. 30, with Rain or Shine Elasto Painters. PBA-Jerseys-Photos-July2013

Could it be Arwind Santos of Petron Blaze, currently the unofficial frontrunner for the 2012-2013 season MVP award?



Or maybe it’s Jimmy Alapag, 2003 PBA Rookie of the Year, of Talk N Text Tropang Texters.


Or is it Danny “The Demolition Man” Ildefoso of the Petron Blaze Boosters?


It’s time to take sides and show the world where your allegiance lies: which PBA team you root for and which player you think dominates the league. Choose from a selection of limited edition PBA jerseys, now available exclusively at the PBA store on, and wear it proudly during the next PBA game. These jerseys are now on sale for only Php1,200.

How much is team loyalty worth to you?

PBA-Jerseys-Photos-July2013-19  PBA-Jerseys-Photos-July2013-9

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Sheila Lina Represents at the Biz On The Web forum

Sheila Lina, President and CEO of, spoke about online malls and what it takes to manage one at the Biz On The Web forum at the 2013 DOST Science Expo held at the SMX Convention Center last July 25, 2013.


From left to right: DOST Usec. Luis Casambre, DOST-MIMAROPA Regional Director Dr. Ma. Josefina P. Abilay, Shopinas CEO Sheila Lina, and Deputy Executive Director Monchito Ibrahim

The forum was hosted by the Information and Communication Technology Office (ICTO) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). The forum tackled topics such as blogging, internet marketing, and e-commerce.



“Who here has bought something online?” GC’s were given to those who participated.

Other well-known bloggers and founders of popular websites in the Philippines were also present at the event to speak about their own experiences and to give their expert advice. Janette Toral (founder of, Anton Diaz (founder of the blog Our Awesome Planet), Dustin Andaya (founder of, Abe Olandres (founder of, and Tere Eisma (Corporate IT head of Air 21) all gave good tips and techniques on managing and marketing a website or online business, no matter the scale.

For, a lot of effort has gone into making what it is today. What sets it apart from other e-commerce websites is its integrated e-commerce and logistics solutions (c/o Air 21) as well as its determined effort to ensure that all the sellers on its site are legitimate. The entrepreneurs that sell through’s platform and’s customers, in addition to the collective effort of the diverse people behind, have also shaped it into what it is today.


The goal of the DOST Science Expo is to celebrate Pinoy-made technology and to educate people about what science and technology can do to make our lives easier and smarter, eventually transforming our economy to a better one. Check out their homepage here.