Shopinas helps Entrepreneurs make the leap with Jumpstart

FacebookTumblr aims to educate and empower Filipino entrepreneurs with eCommerce. We aim to help them on how to put their business online.

JumpStart Logo

So that was the reason, we started Jumpstart. This event gathers all shopinas registered  and aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the country for an informative and engaging afternoon.

Our speaker for this event is our very own Mr. Mark Joseph Panganiban, eCommerce Evangelist.

Mark Joseph Panganiban

His topic for discussion is “Putting Your Business Online. Every entrepreneur there was keen on listening to his presentation.

Mark Joseph Panganiban Explains

Shopinas Entrepreneur

The presentation was chock full of information. It was a discussion ranging from the status of eCommerce in the country, website development, payment options to logistics services options.

Mark Joseph Panganiban (4)

There were a lot of questions thrown by the eager entrepreneurs  for him. After all the questions were answered, we then presented how is it to start working on their Shopinas online store.


After Mr. Panganiban presented the things needed for an online store, we advanced to discussing how to manage their online store.

Daisy Jornales 3

We have Ms. Daisy Jornales, our QA Specialist for the instructions on how to go about their own Shopinas Dashboard.

Daisy Jornales 2

As a guide on how to customize and use their store, they were also given the Seller’s Handbook.

You can read the Seller’s handbook here.

Shopinas Registration

We conducted a step-by-step tutorial for managing their online store.

Certificate Giving

Everyone learned It was a great day for everyone who attended. They were all given certificates for attending the seminar plus a freebie for joining us on this event.

Shopinas Entrepreneurs with Team

We hope that for the next Shopinas Jumpstart event. It would be YOU who will join us. If you want to be a shopinas entrepreneur and start your online store today, REGISTER NOW!

Make your Daddy Happy this Father’s Day


It’s that time of the year again where we celebrate the day to appreciate our Fathers.

fathers-day-blog-dave-skyeRemember when you used to play with Daddy?

After all the fun and games, you have shared with Daddy when you were younger. It is time to give him what he deserves this Father’s Day.

JXD Gamepad2

Relieve his childhood with JXD Gamepad 2

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Get him a cool GEO 15.6 Roll Top Backpack

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Buy him new kicks for his basketball game

More cool kicks at Grosby Online Store

Wireless Speaker Dock

Send him a nice Wireless Speaker Dock

More accessories and speakers at Philips Online Store

Sports BottleSports Bottle FFZ1000

Encourage him to hydrate himself and equip a sports bottle

Tumblers all you want at Thermos Online Store


Splurge a little and get him an LG G4 with FREE Battery Charging Kit and Micro SD card.

Get it at MemoXpress Online for 0% BDO Installment


Give him something he can use for his car

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Marley Bag of Riddim Portable Bluetooth Audio System

Make him feel the rhythm with Marley Bag of Riddim Portable Bluetooth Audio System

Find headphones, bags and watches at the House of Marley

Azkals Younghusband

Shop a nice Azkals shirt for him

Sport football merchandise from the Azkals Online Store


Aside from these, there are more Father’s day gift ideas that you can find at

Let us know what you think of this list. Also do you have any suggestions for items we can add on ShopinasLet us know and share your comments down below.

Happy Father’s Day from Shopinas! 


Shopinas Recreates Pinoy Heroes for Independence Day


Shopinas team has set out for another quest. The quest is to find the value of freedom. As we celebrate Philippine Independence day, the Shopinas team tried out a weird and quirky way of celebrating it. We all went out on choosing our heroes that we believe were valuable for our country’s independence.

independence-dayExercise your independence with pride. (Left to Right) OJ Tibi, Mich Lim, Daisy Jornales, Grace Regli, Marvin Aguilar, Emil Anaque

Check out below how we performed:

lapu-lapu Jacob Valero as Lapu Lapu

Our classy designer had to dress down to fit the role of his chosen hero. He chose the King of Mactan and the First True Native Filipino Hero. He chose the man that first risked his life against the Spaniard conquerors. He value that Lapu Lapu had the guts to fight for his country without second thoughts. He values his independence to create beautiful and creative designs which he believes he owes to our heroes who risked their life for the country.

jose-rizalMich Lim as Jose Rizal 

Our young Marketing Specialist chose the National Hero, Jose Rizal as an inspiration. She also believes that the youth is the future of this country. She strongly suggests that Rizal wanted the country to learn to love itself before it tries to work on its own that is why El Filibusterismo ended that way. Reason for her is that most Filipinos does not love their country which causes them to cheat and corrupt their Motherland. She is also in awe about Jose Rizal’s written poems about the women from his life. She enjoys the freedom to love whoever, whatever and wherever anyone wants. Rizal once wrote that “He who would love much has also much to suffer”. She believes that to get whatever you want so bad it you have to suffer and work hard for it.

andres-bonifacioEmil Anaque as Andres Bonifacio

Our ever dependable Admin Specialist pose as the Father of Philippine Revolution, Andres Bonifacio. He values the ability of Bonifacio to build an organization that aims to destabilize and destroy the Spanish government that was in our country. He sees the charm and courage that Bonifacio combined for him to create the KKK. He values the freedom we received from Bonifacio to create groups and organizations that allows us to work as a team for a certain cause.

emilio-jacintoOJ Tibi as Emilio Jacinto

Our super smart Senior Web Specialist chose the Brains of the Katipunan. He believes that Emilio Jacinto made the Katipunan work while just using his brains. He sees their resemblance as they both believe that a certain someone has to work behind the curtains to drive things to work. He values the freedom to fight using your smarts.

apolinario-mabini Marvin Aguilar as Apolinario Mabini

Our Junior Web Developer is the reincarnate to the Sublime Paralytic, Apolinario Mabini. Though known for his disability, Mabini was an asset to the Katipunan. Likewise applies to Marvin, he is an asset to the company despite his boyish looks. He supplies the company with knowledge and expertise to improve its ranks like Mabini to the Katipunan. He values the freedom of listening to music though this becomes an addiction that paralyzes him. Just like Mabini, he is persistent. An example was how Mabini wanted to learn how to dance despite his condition

melchora-aquinoDaisy Jornales as Melchora Aquino

Our Quality Assurance Specialist picks the Mother of Philippine Revolution, Melchora Aquino. She is like Aquino. She likes keeping things in check to make sure that it is working. Melchora Aquino took good care of the wounded Katipuneros while Daisy makes sure that process is properly implemented for better performance. She values the freedom of women to be respected and given same rights as men.

gabriela-silangGrace Regli as Gabriela Silang

Our Customer Service Specialist internalizes the Joan of Arc from Ilocos, Gabriela Silang. She believes that the fearless and courageous Silang is a perfect fit for her. In her line of work, she courageously answers the buyer and customers questions to guide them on their shopping spree. Like Gabriela Silang, she is family oriented and strongly believes about fighting for their loved ones.

Who is the Filipino Hero for you that made a significant mark for our independence? What kind of independence do you treasure? Share your thoughts and comments then let us know below.

Shopinas Back to School Essentials


Are you looking for school supplies and materials you can use this back to school?

Be cool this school year! will be the place for all your fashion, tech and school essentials. Here at, we break down the latest goodies and items for you to bring your cool back to school!

Here are the stores that we have for you:

Tahanang Walang Hagdanan

If you are looking for educational toys, you should be at Tahanang Walang Hagdanan’s Online Store. This is the place to grab the toys that will help for your child’s brain development. The toys are also made of wood so these are sure to be lead free. These are safe and toxic free for your little boys and girls.



Having a hard time keeping your kid’s school supplies and items? No need to fret? We have the perfect bags to keep all your kid’s items in place. If you have this bag, you can also teach your kids the ability and value of keeping your items organized.


What if

The place to find the unload overload bag that can take care of all your kid’s school supplies.

What if Handmade


Want to make sure that your kid is hydrated all day? Then give your kid a reliable and nice tumbler to sport at school. They also have nice designs like Dora the explorer and Spongebob Squarepants that your kids will absolutely love.



Find your kid a nice phone that they can use to contact you in case of emergency. They can also use  these for browsing the internet and sharing information with their friends. Get them a nice budget phone here at 0% BDO Installment!



For research purposes, get your kid a Macbook that he or she could use. Every kid now needs a laptop or a workplace to do their assignments and projects.

Multiplicity Gadgets

House of Marley

The House of Marley holds cool items for your kid to boast to all his friends. It has all the things the cool kids would love from headphones, earphones, watches and fashionable music bags.

House of Marley

Updated: Shopinas Lady Clickers Merchandise Now Available Online!


ArticleBanner_480x250px (2)Looking for the shirt Shopinas Lady Clickers Ms. Everything Cha Cruz wears during warm up and during her birthday at Binan?

Cha Cruz Birthday

For all the Philippine Super Liga Volleyball fans out there, here is the place where you can find all the Lady Clickers items, memorabilia and merchandise. exclusively offers the practice and warm up shirts that the Lady Clickers wear.

Shirt_AD 3

Wear your shopinas shirt today!

You can now completely do the Kim Kianna Dy pose.

Kim Dy

That is because, The Shopinas Lady Clickers cap has ARRIVED!


Be part of the team! Complete your Shopinas Lady Clickers apparel!

Visit for all the Shopinas Lady Clickers items and memorabilia. There will be more items to be added to this store so stay tuned.


The Fault in our Maps: The West Valley Fault Earthquake Emergency Kit


ArticleBanner_480x250px (3)

The fault in our maps has now been found. The recent discovery of the West Valley Fault made the Philippines stay at high alert. Earthquakes cannot be prevented and predicted beforehand. That is why, it is best for us to get ready!

We prepared all the things you need to have in your arsenal when disaster comes. We breakdown all the necessary items to include in your emergency kit.

See if you have all of these items ready:

Kit (Bag)

Set Paccube

Set Packing Cube

More bags here at Paccube Online Store:

Unload Overload

Unload Overload

Find it here at What If Online Store:



Camping Tent

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water jug

Beverage Jug 

Visit Thermos Online Store:



CAT B100

More water proof and shock proof phones at

MemoXpress Online Store:



More water proof and shock proof phones at

MemoXpress Online Store:



Phone Charger and Radio in one here at:

Radio 2

Transistor Radio

Find it here at Y-Shop:


Magic Bulb

Magic Bulb

Visit Magic Bulb Online Store:

Sun Pro

Sun King Pro 2

Hybrid Solar Solutions Online Store:



Shopinas Lady Clickers wins 1st Place at PSL All-Filipino Conference


ArticleBanner_480x250px (1)

After the Shopinas Lady Clickers worked for four grueling, heart stopping and adrenaline rushing sets. The team finished as the Philippine Super Liga All-Filipino Conference’s first placer. The ladies showed hardwork, perseverance and sportsmanship.


The Shopinas Lady Clickers thanked all the fans who came all the way to Cuneta Astrodome to watch them play.


For a young team with only eight practices for the whole season, they have superseded expectations with the guidance of Coach Ramil De Jesus. They armed themselves with talents, skills and the will to make it to the Championships against the formidable Petron Blaze Spikers.


PSL Ambassador Charleen Abigaile “Ms. Everything” Cruz was awarded by Shopinas Lady Clickers Team Manager Mr. Mark Joseph Panganiban as 1st Outside Spiker for the Philippine Super Liga All-Filipino Conference.


The Lady Clickers was a team that showed determination on defeating all the other teams of the Philippine Super Liga. It is a great achievement for the team to be at 1st place. With proper practice and training, they can fight armed with all the knowledge, preparation and tactics they need.

We hope for your continued support for the team and all the players of the Lady Clickers! See you next season!

Follow our Social Media Sites for Shopinas Lady Clickers updates:

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Visit the Mall at for more stores, items and products.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Give Mom something classy this Mother’s Day

Michelis 1

Envy Ergo Pearl:

Michelis 2

Fleur Earrings:

Find more jewelry choices here:

Let Mom accessorize for her special day

Trixi 1

Trio & Turquoise Bracelet:

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Let her indulge and be the most glamorous and fabulous Mom

Snoe 1

Pure Indulgence:

Snoe 2

Glamazon Gorgeous:

More Snoe Beauty packs here:

Spoil her with beauty and sweet scent

Belo 1

Belo Essentials Day Cream Whitening Cream

More Belo Essentials here:

Mika 2

Victoria Secret’s Warm Ginger Fragrance Mist 250 ML:

Mika 1

Victoria Secret’s Enchanted Apple Hydrating Lotion 250 ML:

For more Victoria Secret Items look here:

Surprise her with a bouquet of roses to show your love

IS 1

Grand Gala Deluxe:

IS 2

Dusk Premium:

Island Rose has all other bouquet and flower arrangement options here:

Bring her items that can help her relax

Homedics 3

Bubble Bliss Footspa:

Homedics 1

HoMedics Ortho+Therapy Contour Pillow:

Homedics 2

HoMedics True Swedish Massage Cushion:

More relaxing products here:

Share and let us know how you surprised Mom and celebrated Mother’s Day with her!

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VIP PASS: 1st Shopinas Lady Clickers against Foton Tornadoes


The Shopinas Lady Clickers tried yoga before start of the game for them to meditate, stretch and relax.DSC_0525 DSC_0531 DSC_0533

Bonus: Exclusive Photos of Cha Cruz at the Dug OutDSC_0546 DSC_0547
Isn’t she lovely?


The Shopinas Lady Clickers are all smiles and excited before their warm up.DSC_0548
The team then met the Foton Tornadoes for their match.DSC_0550
They did a little warm up first before the start of the game.
Cha Cruz with the ball in mid air.DSC_0583
Faye Guevarra doing a spike. Nice form!


The Lady Clickers all giddy for the start of the game.DSC_0602
The first six who will be playing for this game.DSC_0611
Captain Ball Mic Mic Laborte preparing for a serve.DSC_0618
Paneng “The Show Stopper” Mercado ready to serve.DSC_0621 DSC_0628
Kim Kianna Dy doing her serve for the match.DSC_0629 DSC_0630
Cha Cruz focusing for her serve.DSC_0635
Kim Dy and Divine Eguia for the block.DSC_0641
Coach Ramil De Jesus giving out his instructions to the Shopinas Lady Clickers.DSC_0648
The crowd during the game was all at the edge of their seats.DSC_0649
After an epic match, the Shopinas Clickers approached the net and shook hands with the Foton Tornadoes even after the loss.DSC_0661
Even after the loss, the Shopinas Lady Clickers said thanks to the crowd that went all their way to watch.DSC_0664 DSC_0665
Coach Ramil sharing his insights about what happened after the game. He shared what he think happened after the game. The mistakes that occurred during the game. The  things to be improved by each player.
DSC_0668 DSC_0669 DSC_0673
After some good advice from Coach Ramil De Jesus, the players ended the day with a prayer. The usual prayer that give thanks that no one was injured and they live to play another game.
DSC_0675 DSC_0676
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Shopinas Earth Day Best Sellers


Here at, we have a wide range of store, products and merchandise. It mirrors how varied the kinds of Entrepreneurs we partner with, as well. There are those who focus on fashion, beauty and food. Though, there are rare ones who focus on benefiting our planet.

They are the kind of Entrepreneurs who want to focus on products that makes a change for our planet. We feature in this article the stores that follow that basic principle. In celebration of Earth Day, We encourage you to check them out and appreciate their deeds for planet earth.

Be eco-friendly, Be with EARTHONOMIC DESIGNS.

Earthonomic DesignsEarthonomic Designs
Get their products here:


Recycle doy packs and turn them into bags, you have it here at GKONOMICS.

Get their products here:

Save on electricity, use solar power. Be part of the HYBRID revolution.

Hybrid Social Solution Inc

Hybrid Social Solution Inc.

Get their products here

Help nature while using Droplets of Nature!

Droplets of Nature

Droplets of Nature
Get their products here

Stop using Plastic bottles, Use THERMOS!


Get their products here

Recycle wheels and turn them to shoes, It’s the SHOE CYCLE!

The Shoe Cycle   Shopinas

The Shoe Cycle
Get their products here