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5 Tricks to Make Your Kids Enjoy Going To School


Are you getting worried about your kid’s first day in school?

Let us help you lessen those worries you have with this amazing kid’s happy school list. Make your kid enjoy school without worrying while you seat at home relaxing with confidence.

Some of these tricks should be done during their first day at school so they can enjoy the rest of the school year. Make sure to do these tricks so your kid will be an active student at school and will look forward to every school day.

Trick #1 Show how cool school is to your kids

Happy Children

Let your kids know that school is a fun place for learning and making new friends. Give school an image of fun and enjoyment to make your kids look forward to going to school. Build his idea and imagination about how big the opportunities in school are so he/she would in turn have a positive outlook and response to the new environment.

Trick #2 Acknowledge their fears and concerns


You should be open to listen to your kid’s fears and doubts about this new stage in his/her life. Showing that you are ready to listen makes it easier for them to tell you what problems he/she is encountering in school. This way it is easier for them to enjoy school with no worries knowing they have you to be their hero.

Trick #3 Find your kid a friend or buddy


It’s best that your kid earn a friend or companion on his/her first day. School life would be boring if you have no friends to start with. Having someone with him during lunch or breaks will make him/her realize that school is similar to play.

Trick #4 Give them fun tumblers and include a special note to their lunch

Shopinas Back2School 5

Shopinas Back2School 5

Give your kid something he/she could show her friends to boast. One thing kids like doing during recess and breaks is flaunting their cool new stuff to their friends. Be sure that your kid has the latest tumblers and lunch boxes with the cutest design so he can surprise everyone. This also helps them earn more friends and become one of the popular kids.

 Keep them Hydrated!       

Shopinas Back2School 1

Straw bottles are the perfect school buddies for your kids! Have them sip their healthy juice drink from tumblers with their favorite cartoon character designs. It keeps their drink cold up to 12 hours. It will prevent spills and leaks that can result to dirty uniforms and insecurities. Make sure your kids are also properly hydrated in school especially with all the strenuous physical exercise and activities.



Choose Safe Lunchboxes  

Snack time or lunch break, we have the perfect food food jar for your kids.

Mommies, instead of going to your kids’ school every lunch time, you could just simply prepare their foods in the morning and let your kids bring it at school with them. Put it in a cool little lunchbox. It’s hand carry and hassle free. This Food Jar keeps the food or snack at the perfect temperature. Your kid could enjoy his/her lunch hot. We have other designs available that your little one would love here. They would appreciate a home-cooked meal made with love.

Also, personalize their lunch boxes with a special note that reminds them of your love and affection.


Trick #5 Let your kid join extra curricular activities 

For your kid to enjoy school, he/she must be looking forward to other activities. Here, your kid can meet more kids with the same interest as him/her. It’s also best if their interests are pursued in such a young age so they can hone and experience more activities.

Extra Tip: Prepare and pack up for school early 

Prep your kids with the best essentials. Equip them with backpacks that they can wear at school and use even until college. Give them something that can store all their books and safely keep their gadgets.

Shopinas Back2School 2

Shopinas Back2School 2

From all these tips we hope your kids have a fun day in school and enjoy learning everyday!

that will make you Daddy's Favorite this Father's Day (1)

5 Easy Steps that will make you Daddy’s Favorite this Father’s Day


So you want to be daddy’s favorite? Let’s show you how from this step by step guide.

Come on and see how we can help you achieve this with just 5 easy steps.




Step 1. Make a Throwback

Your dad loves basketball? Plus, a total Kenneth Duremdes fan? Two Points.

We have the best and awesome-st  PBA Retro Jerseys that he will surely love. We have quite a few here as well. Let him relieve the memory of his favorite PBA games and players from the past. 

Buy him a Sunkist Bottlers PBA Retro Jersey that you can uniquely find and buy at shopinas and we promise that he’ll surely love it. A bonus point if he posts your awesome gift in social media to boast to his barkada.

 Step 2. Treat him like a King

Your highness may no longer got time to pamper outside because of his hectic work schedule.

For you can no longer give him the Iron Throne, you can at least give him the next best thing. Give him his own throne at home, we have an idea on how to get one. 

You can simply go to Ogawa PH’s Online Store. The OGAWA Smart Space XD Tech Massage Chair will surely give him the royal treatment fit for a king. Here he can relax without spending money and wasting time travelling and waiting at your local spa. Plus you get to enjoy more time with him at home when he is done recharging and you can watch and catch up on Game of Thrones’ new season.


Step 3. Give him time

As they say, there’s nothing more special but giving time. So now we’re taking this literally, equip Father Time with a fashion essential.

Give him a sturdy sophisticated timepiece that will make his co-workers swoon in jealousy like this Q&Q Smile Solar Eco-Drive Watch.


Step 4. Take him out

Yes, its time for you to take him out! Not by wrestling or any sports that requires a tap out, what we mean is if you can take him put for dinner.

Treat him in his favorite restaurant. Choose and buy him his favorite food. Talk about his hobbies, bond with him. This will be the perfect time for you and your dad to bond and hangout with each other. He’ll surely love the fact that you spent time and treat him for free. 




Step 5. Give him something special

“For the man who deserves more than a gift” 

Why not give him a personalized whisky bottle where you can put your daddy’s name on with a special greeting like “Happy Father’s Day”? These whisky bottles from Johnnie Walker are the best one of a kind gift, you can share to your dad. Big bonus if you can finish one faster against him. 


But above all, we wish all the best Daddy’s a Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for being awesome! You have paved way for a generation of millenials that can bravely stand for themselves.


Written by: Noimie Ignacio

Edited by: Mich Lim

Shopinas Proudly Pinoy Stores

Support Local: 5 Inspiring Proudly Pinoy Shopinas Stores


Here at shopinas, we aim to equip hardworking Filipino entrepreneurs with an end to end solutions for their businesses. For the longest time, we have seen more and more businesses go online and increase their popularity and revenue. That is why, we would like to share a few inspiring business stories that we handpicked. We chose them because they are products that give us pinoy pride and the push to support more local products.

Now start your day right and be inspired with our very own Proudly pinoy made products.

Navarro Foods International

Navarro Foods International

Navarro Foods International 

Navarro Foods International Inc. is known for its Kapampangan delicacies such as Taba Ng Talangka, Fermented Shrimp in Rice ( Burong Hipon), Fermented Mudfish in Rice (Burong Dalag), Sauteed Shrimp Paste (Bagoong Alamang), Papaya Pickles (Acharang Papaya) and other Sweet Delicacies.

Our products is a traditional specialty of Masantol, Pampanga made from crab meat and fat use as side dish or ingredient to seafood and pasta dishes such as pancit palabok, crab paste pasta, spaghetti and crab paste pasta that have served in the plates of Kapampngan for years.

The Exotic yet delicious taste of its products have reached the plates of Filipinos here and abroad.

Navarro’s are producing quality standard safe products. We will be our customers’ preferred choice . they will choose our products because we provide them quality products that exceed their expectations.

We will constantly strive for excellence and strive even more to maintain the degree of consistency in quality.



Snoe Beauty 

Snoe Inc. was established on February 2010 as a specialty cosmetics brand abiding to these strategies:

  • Effective products with high quality ingredients
  • Reasonably priced
  • Wide range of products to cater everyone
  • Intricate, luxury packaging with wide array of colors and scents

The company will continue to reflect the diverse trends of its consumers as a leader in the local cosmetics industry through innovative, provocative and cutting edge products.

They have beautifully designed products as if they mastered the art of product packaging. Their products are also natural. Also these cosmetics are proudly made here in the Philippines.

Super Tuyo

Super Tuyo

Super Tuyo

Super Tuyo product was a brainchild recipe of Mr. Gilberto Tongo, chef and owner of Tongo’s Catering Services.

Late 1990s, Mr. Tongo started deboning tuyo (dried herring) and makes its signature chili garlic sauce. Originally shipped to Filipino relatives in UAE where frying tuyo is strictly prohibited because of its unusual smell among locals.

In 2010, Mr. Tongo tried to include the recipe in one of his catering functions in ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. (Star Cinema) where his son Gilberto Tongo Jr. is employed. Soon enough employees begin ordering the tuyo chili garlic recipe; placed in a microwavable container, it was called Super Tuyo.

In 2012, Mr. Tongo’s son, Gilberto Tongo Jr. took over the business. With a starting capital of Php 20,000, Super Tuyo then was placed in a new 8 oz. bottle jar and has three variants: Famous Spicy (formerly, chili garlic), Sweet and Spicy, and Original.

Three new product lines were also introduced in 2013: The Secret Sauce (March 2013), Super Tuyo-Flakes (June 2013), and Super Friends (Pusit, Labahita, Dilis, Danggit, Dulong in July 2013).

Last September 8, 2013, one year after the younger Tongo acquired the “Super Tuyo” business; Tongo’s Foods launched the newest and improved look of Super Tuyo. With the tagline, “best-tasting tuyo”, this move culminates a year of awareness promotion and market research done by Mr. Tongo Jr.

In April 2014, a more of everything version of Super Tuyo – The Super Tuyo Gourmet was introduced to cater the “Olive Oil” market of the product.

And last May 30, 2014 Super Tuyo was awarded the “Best Quality Pinoy Dried Herring Brand” and conferred the “Seal of Product Quality” by Q Asia Quality Excellence Awards.

As the demand for convenience packaging increases especially to our Overseas Filipinos, the company launched a new product packaging in plastic stand-up pouch and called it SUPER TUYO PACK.

Celebrating its 3rd year anniversary, Super Tuyo launched three new variants and product line. First, the new variants of Super Tuyo – Mild Spicy & Extra Hot. Second is the Supersized Tuyo – the Super Tuyo Jumbo in 16oz bottle. Lastly, the Super Tuyo Recipe Pack in Olive oil – a ready to cook pack good for pasta (1/2 kg) and other recipes.


Figures of Beans Coffee Beans

Figures of Beans Coffee Beans

Figures of Beans

We’re bringing your favorite local coffee beans straight to your doorstep!

We believe that there is more in coffee than just loads of caffeine. Through one cup of coffee, we experience being connected with others, the world and ourselves. We may be different in a lot of ways but there is one thing that unifies us all – it’s our love for coffee.

Figures of Beans supports local farmers from the mountains of Cordillera, who put awesome skills and attention to growing great coffee. We recognize the role of these farmers in the process of producing the perfect cup of coffee.




THE Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) turns back the hands of time as it formally launches retro jerseys featuring the 25 Greatest Players in its long, rich history.

Heading the list of the league’s greatest 25 are the Living Legend Robert Jaworski, who’s famous for his no. 7 jersey, Alvin Patrimonio and his ever popular no. 16 uniform, Allan Caidic and his legendary no. 8 shirt, ditto with Samboy Lim (#9), Atoy Co (#6) and Philip Cezar (#18).

“This project is sort of a tribute to our past stars. The growth of the PBA is largely the fruit of their love and passion for the game of basketball,” said PBA Commissioner Chito Salud.

PBA Properties Inc. has been receiving lots of emails here and abroad clamoring for retro jerseys, according to Rhose G. Montreal, Licensing and Special Projects manager of the league.

The rest of the greatest roster named during the league’s silver anniversary in 2000, are multiple MVPs Ramon Fernandez, Bogs Adornado, Benjie Paras and Abet Guidaben, Johnny Abarrientos, Francis Arnaiz, Ricky Brown, Hector Calma, Manny Paner, Lim Eng Beng, Danny Florencio, Freddie Hubalde, Bernie Fabiosa, Ronnie Magsanoc, Jojo Lastimosa, Renato Agustin, Jerry Codinera, Vergel Meneses, and Kenneth Duremdes.

You can shop all the PBA Merchandise at


Hope these stories made you inspired and ready to start the day with positivity. Share us what other brands and businesses, you want to see next. 

Researched by: Ajoy Cartagena

Edited by: Mich Lim


What’s your Travel Hugot?


This summer, you are free to choose. Summer is the best way to unwind and take pictures with the best “ travel hugot lines” caption. Read through our list and make a splash!

“Yung love story natin na parang pagta-travel mo.. hindi na natuloy.”


Pick your #TravelHugot

Daranak Falls

Photo Courtesy of

Daranak Falls

Daranak Falls is located in Tanay, Rizal and is roughly 2 hours away from the Metro. The falls is a popular shooting location for movies and television drama series, pre-nuptial shoots and waterfalls photography. During weekends, Daranak Falls gets really crowded and the best way to avoid the swarm is to go here first hour in the morning or during week days.


Photo Courtesy of

Bangui Windmills

The Bangui Windmills in Ilocos Norte and just an hour and a half drive from Laoag. Notice that you are close to the site when even from a far while going down towards the bay that some of the windmills are already visible. The Bangui Windmills standing 23 stories high (50 meters) in the Bangui Bay where the wind is just perfect in powering these behemoths. Being in front of these Windmills feels like being in front of a robot or an alien aircraft due to its massive size and it takes around 11 average adults just to hug a single Windmill, now imagine 20 of these giants across the sea-shore all lined up.


Photo Courtesy of

Boracay Island

It’s hard to match Boracay as a tropical paradise and as a party island. Its main beach stretches seven kilometers with powder-like sand, and the water is as clear as drinking water. The sandy bottom also slopes so gently that several meters away from the shore, the depth is just chest-high — and that’s throughout the entire shoreline!

Pico de Loro

Photo Courtesy of

Pico De Loro

Centuries ago, the Spaniards aboard their galleons to Manila Bay noticed the form of a giant parrot, perched in the forested mountains in Cavite. They named it “Pico de Loro” – “Parrot’s Peak”.

On Cavite’s highest point, mountaineers could behold the rocky tower that the Spanish sailors once saw as the parrot’s beak, and they gaze towards South China Sea where the galleons once sailed, all the way to the historic island fort of Corregidor. Gusts of sea breeze refreshes the hikers when they reach the peak after a four-hour climb.

Underground River

Photo Courtesy of https:[email protected]/Geological-Presentation_Rivers

Underground River Cave 

The 8.2-kilometer river, said to be the longest navigable underground river in the world, winds its way underneath a mountain range, through the St. Paul Underground River Cave, and then goes out to the South China Sea.

The journey through the cave system is 24 kilometers long. The entire area where the Underground River is located, is actually a national park and a model of biodiversity. More than 800 plant species, including almost 300 trees, 195 bird species, 30 mammals, 19 reptiles, and eight bat species call this area home.

Written By: Marlene Joyce Portacio

Pinoy Summer Pampalamig

Top 5 Pinoy Summer Pampalamig


Here in the Philippines, Summer is the most awaited season. It’s vacation time for students. This is the best time to hang out and go out for adventures. This is a month of exploration and exciting adventures together with friends and families.

Though aside from that it also goes with a price, it means higher electricity bill to get away the unbearable city heat. Being used to a tropical climate, Filipinos have a collection of cool treats to help them beat the heat.

As we plan to make this heat bearable, we made a list of the best Pinoy Summer Pampalamig treats that will surely refresh and cool you off this summer.

1. Halo-Halo

Halo-Halo literally means “mixed together”. It is the most popular Filipino dessert and ultimate favorite summer “pampalamig”.  It’s a sure-fire hit these hot days of summer. Halo-halo is easy to make. It’s made up of shaved ice, evaporated milk and a mixture of everything you can actually think of like boiled sweet beans, bananas, gulaman, sweet preserves and other fruits. It’s an absolutely sweet treat to beat the summer heat.


Photo Courtesy of

There are different versions and mixed ingredients combined to make this treat. This awesome cool-some treat even made it to Coachella this year.

2. Sorbetes

Sorbetes is the traditional ice cream in the Philippines. Also known as dirty ice cream, this is because it’s usually sold along the streets by hawkers in colorful wooden push carts. It is created from coconut milk, unlike other iced desserts that are made from cow’s milk. Flavors are also very Pinoy. These are keso, tsokolate, mangga, ube, avocado, cookies and cream and strawberry.


Photo Courtesy of

3. Ice Candy

This is served from wafer cones, sugar cones and bread buns. This is cheaply priced at 5 to 10 pesos per cone while 15 pesos for bread bun. This is extremely cheaper compared to market sold ice cream.

Ice Candy is the easiest frozen refreshment treat you can make this summer, even kids can make one. It is made from fruit juice or shake fruits. To make one, you may simply put the juice in a little ice bag and chill it in a refrigerator. Once done, you may consume it simply by biting the plastic to make a hole. From there, you can simply nimble and savor the cold treat and wonderful pinoy flavor.

Avocado Ice Candy

Photo Courtesy of

4. Ice Scramble “Iskrambol” 

Most common flavors of Ice candies are chocolate, orange, mango and buko. You can usually get a taste of this treat in sari-sari stores, schools,  eateries and even in corner streets.

Ice Scramble is a Pinoy street made up of thoroughly mixed shaved ice. The ice is then mixed with evaporated milk, sugar, banana extract (which gives the ice scramble a good and tempting smell) and food coloring (to make it more colorful and attractive to the person who tries to look at it).

Ice Scramble

Photo Courtesy of

It can also be topped with powdered milk, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, mini marshmallows, candy sprinkles or rice crispies. This makes ice scramble a cute eye treat.   

5. Ice Drop

Ice drop is the Pinoy version of a popsicle. Available ice drop flavors are chocolate, fruit flavors, or milk. One of a special variety of ice drop, is called “ice buko”, it is made of fresh buko juice, buko strips and milk, and crowned with munggo or red beans.

Monggo Popsicle

Photo Courtesy of

Ice drop vendors usually keep their wares in a Styrofoam ice box lined with newspaper, which is then placed on a cart or on a bicycle, or carried by a strap slung over their shoulder. They announce their presence by ringing small bells as they pass. Soon enough, you will see kids flock their styrofoam ice box.

Written By: Ferwin Diloy


Ureka eCommerce Forum Made History With Visayan SMEs


Last, February 20, 2016, eCommerce history was made at the Iloilo Convention Center, MegaWorld Blvd., Mandurriao, Iloilo City. The UREKA eCommerce Forum, the largest eCommerce circuit in the Philippines, was attended by 600 participants coming from different provinces in the Visayan Region. Compared from its last event in Baguio, the recent UREKA eCommerce Forum doubled its participants.


  The Forum started with the Philippine national anthem and an invocation sung by homegrown Iloilo talents.
To liven up the crowd’s spirit, a group performed a Dinagyang presentation that totally wowed and amazed the crowd. It set the feel for the event on how it wanted to showcase local talent, product and skills.
The event was hosted by Ms. Amor Maclang of Geiser Maclang. She is a Globally Award Winning Brand Architect, Risk/Crisis/Reputation Strategist & Marketing and Communications Innovator.
At the event, there were several keynote speakers and expert industry leaders who shared their insights about the field they are currently in. Sheila Lina, President and CEO of Shopinas is one of the keynote speakers for the UREKA eCommerce Forum. She shared how UREKA shops easily makes online selling possible for SMEs with a combination of storefront, payment and logistics.
She also gave a few tips on how to make your business stand out online.
At the end of her presentation, she shared her personal piece of advice to SMEs, aspiring online business owners and students. She also dared them to become the next online business sensation.
Other keynote speakers who participated in the event who shared their expertise were:
  • The Mayor of Iloilo City who is Mr. Jed Mabilog,
  • Congressman Jerry Trenas,
  • UNIONBANK, First Ilonggo President, Mr. Edwin Bautista
  • UnionBank Cash Management Product Head, Mr. Arvie de Vera
  • Baguio SME Ambassador, Mr. Mark Louis “Maui” Fernando
  • Co-Founder and CEO, SALt, Ms. Aisa Mijeno
  • Provincial Director of DTI Capiz, Ms. Ermelinda Pollentes
  • VP Strategic Marketing of TALAS, Ms. Kristine Fetalco
  • Chairman of PHILDEV, Mr. Salvador “Dado” Banatao

The expert industry leaders that inspired the participants on the event were:

  • The Executive Director of MyShelter Foundation, Mr. Illac Diaz
  • Head Customer Mgt. of UNIONBANK, Mr. Jaypee Soliman
  • SVP of AMTI, Mr. Bong Paloma
  • CEO of GMCI, Mr. Brad Geiser
  • COO & CTO of Dragon Pay, Mr. Robertson “Dick” Chiang
  • Division Head of Air21, Ms. Yasmin Vasquez
  • E-Commerce Education Specialist, Ms. Eireen Bernardo

While the speakers were sharing their thoughts and experiences, the eCommerce circuit was happening.This is the area where the SMEs get to create their own online store.


Shopinas’ team of eCommerce Specialists supervised the circuit.
Another history made that day was that all 83 SMEs who created and finished their online store that day were asked to go onstage. It was a proud moment for us to see a huge number of SMEs use eCommerce for their businesses. You can check their businesses and products at Urekashops.
Before the event ended, we made a point to say thanks to students from Central Philippine University who assisted us on teaching SMEs on how to set up their business online.
This event made possible by Unionbank and other consortium partners is getting bigger and better every time. We hope we can visit your hometown next, for us to empower and equip more SMEs and businesses in the Philippines with eCommerce.

Give your business the Ureka Moment and let more people discover it.

Where do you want the next Ureka eCommerce Forum to happen? Let us know your comments below.

Top 10 Prom Queen Must Haves

Top 10 Prom Queen Must Haves


Getting excited for your prom? All of us comes to that same emotional experience especially if it’s our first time attending one. We make a lot of preparations for this special event. From picking out our prom dress, choosing the best prom shoes, our type of make-up, our hairstyle just to achieve the perfect 

Having considered that, here are some friendly recommendations you must have for this special occasion of yours.

  1. Snoe Happy Heels Wedge

Happy Heels Shoes Abstract from Snoe is one good way to express yourself in your prom. This is one of the capsule collection of Snoe’s foot line which is –“Happy Heels”. This Limited Edition 4-inch super comfy platform wedges are available from size 6 to 9! Plus, there are many other shoes to choose from.

Snoe Heels

Snoe Heels

2. Sakiraya Make Up and Cosmetics

We all have that ideal look for our prom night and looking good is one of our most important concerns in this special event. Make-up products from Sakiraya has a lot of options for you in choosing your desired look this prom. They have concealer, eye liner, eyebrow, eyeshadow and lipstick that will compliment with your skin tone.

Fantastic Eyeshadow Ki

Photo Courtesy of

3. Crayons Make Up and Cosmetics

If you’re having a trouble applying your make-up, beauty accessories from Crayons can help you get through it. Crayons have beauty accessories, eyebrow products, eyeshadow kits, face products, foundation, Lip Cream, and Mascara.

Crayon Lip Cream

Crayon Lip Cream

5. Shirley May Perfume 

Proms are not complete without a perfume. Smelling good attracts other people and encourages socialization.  So be fresh and fragrant at your prom with Shirley May perfumes. You can also choose from a variety of fragrances that Shirley May has to offer.

Shirley May Pure Feelings

Shirley May Pure Feelings

6. Michelis Jewelry 

Necklaces, rings and earrings are one way to complete your attire at your prom. Just make sure to match your accessories to your outfit properly so you can arrive splendid and fabulous at your night. You can choose from different accessories of Michelis to achieve a luxurious look at your prom.

Dana Ring

Dana Ring

7. He&She Apparel

Most of the girls love to dress up and be feminine during prom nights. Dresses like Nora Mist 03 and Candy Brown from He&She Apparel are one good example to achieve a more feminine and gorgeous looking you at prom night.

  • Nora Mist 03

Nora Mist 03

Nora Mist 03

Written By: Geraldine Amac

Ureka eCommerce Forum CPU Training Iloilo

Shopinas Brought The Ureka Moment To Central Philippine University


This 3rd week of February, the whole Shopinas team flew to the beautiful city of Iloilo to spread eCommerce growth throughout the country with the help of Unionbank. This February 20, the Unionbank initiative, Ureka Forum, will take happen at the Iloilo Convention Center. We, being a proud consortium partner of the Ureka Forum, will assist SMEs to have their own online store.

Shopinas Team Arrives at Iloilo

Though, we couldn’t do that alone, we needed the help of smart, hardworking and future web developers Computer Studies’ students to help us propagate the Ureka Moment. We found them in the humble yet huge Central Philippine University.

To spread the Ureka Moment, we needed to train them first on how to use the Ureka eCommerce platform that will be the marketplace for SMEs. You can check this proudly local marketplace at

Ureka Forum On Ground eCommerce Web Developer Certification

To facilitate the training, there was Mark Joseph Panganiban, Ureka proponent, eCommerce Specialist and Evangelist and the Business Development Head for Shopinas. He shared insights about the current eCommerce industry in the country.

Mark Joseph Panganiban Ureka Forum Training

He  mentioned that the Philippines today has 34% internet penetration which is considered to be high because according to studies Filipinos are spending 11 hours on internet everyday. A simple proof that the Filipino market for your business is readily available and present online.

Though, there is a huge advantage on having your business online.Just like in life and business, there will always be challenges along the way. For the Philippines, we have three main challenges for eCommerce: payment, connectivity and logistics. Fortunately for Iloilo SMEs, these three challenges will be easily answered by

Mark Joseph Panganiban Air21 Global Ureka Forum

Of course in able to help the Iloilo SMEs for the Ureka Forum, the students needed to learn how to make an online store. In Ureka Shops, there are two types of businesses a Co-hosted Shop (Tangible Products Shop) and Self-hosted Shop (Services). They were taught by Shopinas‘ own web developer on how to set up and upload products using

Emil Anaque Shopinas Air21 Global Ureka Forum

To check if the students got the concept, they we’re asked to explain and teach the class how it is done. They we’re also asked to build their own online store or business at

Marvin Aguilar Ureka Forum Training

Without a doubt, they succeeded on learning and understanding the concept and the process of building their own online shop at even if its a tangible product business or a service business.

Shopinas Air21 Global Ureka Forum Training

It was a great activity of fun and learning about eCommerce. We are happy to educate more students in the Philippines about eCommerce. We believe in the talent and skills of students from Central Philippines University as eCommerce Advocates and future eCommerce Web developers. They will be a great instrument for the Ureka Forum’s success.

Shopinas Air21 Global Ureka Forum Training(2)

We hope we can work with your College or University for the next eCommerce Forum.

Top 10 Activities Singles Can Do This Valentine’s Day

Top 10 Activities for Singles This Valentine’s Day

  1. Go to Movie house

Try to celebrating Valentine’s day on a movie house but be sure to watch other types of movies like comedy, horror, science fiction, and suspense or thriller. Consider the day as an ordinary day and invite your other single friends to accompany you in watching movies so that it will be more fun.

Movie House date

Photo Courtesy of
  1. Pamper yourself

When you don’t have any plan for Valentine’s Day, why not visit places that will give you relaxation and comfort. Go to a spa or a salon to indulge yourself for refreshment and body massage. This is the perfect time to treat yourself and make you feel special and pampered.

Pamper yourself

Photo Courtesy of
  1. Challenge yourself

If you want to stroll and challenge yourself with extreme rides and adventurous places, go to outdoor places like amusement parks, mountains, and other trekking places. Enchanted Kingdom, Sky Ranch, and Star City are the three most popular amusement parks located in the Philippines. These places can help you release stress. On the other hand, indulging yourself to an adventurous experience like trekking will bring fun and lead you to become more of an independent person.


Photo Courtesy of
  1. Go out with family

The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single is to go out with your family. Even if you are single, you will still feel special and loved because of your family. Ask them for a group date so that the essence of love is still present and will not be vanished.

Family Dining

Photo Courtesy of
  1. Go out of town/country

Plan a special trip to a place that you’ve never visited before. It’s awesome if this is on another country. This will be an exciting one because you can encounter different and new experiences like meeting new people, eating foreign foods, visiting new beautiful places, and travelling on your own. If you wish for an out of town only, you should try going to a beach so that you can unwind and feel relax on the chill environment.

Travel Alone

Photo Courtesy of
  1. Learn how to cook for yourself

Being a single does not mean that you are alone. It is not synonymous to loneliness. It is just that you are strong enough to be an independent men or women. On Valentine’s Day, it is best for singles to make something that could satisfy your needs and at the same time to express your love for yourselves. One of it is to learn how to cook dishes for yourselves and you could also share it with your family and friends. It is more exciting and so much enjoyment if you are going to cook your favorite dish on your own with full of love.

Cook for yourself

Photo Courtesy of
  1. Throw a party                                                                    

Invite your friends who are also single and throw a party. Eat all you can and remember to drink moderately. You and your friends can also enjoy singing in a karaoke bar or throwing a pool party with full of pool activities, foods and drinks.

Party Girl

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  1. Eat at your favorite restaurant alone

Being alone gives you time to indulge yourself. Valentine’s Day is about love so it is a time for you to love yourself more. Eat your favorite dish in your favorite restaurant and enjoy the moment.

Eat Alone

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  1. Try something new

On Valentine’s Day, ask yourself what do you want to do that you never tried or experienced before. You want to be fit? Go to gym. You want to study on how to apply makeup in your face on your own then try it. You want to travel alone then go and enjoy it. You want to enroll in a dance class then move and shake your body. Everything that you are interested in, just do it.


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  1. Be HAPPY

For now, you can just enjoy being single and live in the moment.

Happy Person

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Written By: Kaydeen Micka T. Oval and Anjanette C. Rebano

Special Gifts for Him Blog Post

Special Gifts For Him This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It’s an occasion when you can find a lot of couples celebrating their love and affection to one another.

Here in the Philippines, it is common to find gentlemen giving flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and such to their special someone as it symbolize their love and sincerity to their partner. But how about them getting something this Valentine’s Day?

So here’s a list of gifts for him that can help you decide what to give him this Valentine’s day as a sign of your adoration and love for him?

El Moreno Long Sleeve Dark Gray

El Moreno is a perfect gift for professional men. Comfort is main priority of El Moreno so he can feel comfortable wearing this office wardrobe. They can use it at work or even at casual celebrations. It is also available in different colors.

El Moreno Long Sleeve Dark Gray

El Moreno Long Sleeve Dark Gray

Talk N Text Basketball T-Shirt

If you have a basketball fanatic partner, this Talk N Text Basketball T-Shirt will be just right for him.

Talk N Text Basketball

Talk N Text Basketball


Oulm Analog Metal Bezel With Four Sub-Dials Watch 

Oulm Analog Metal Bezel With Four Sub-Dials Watch suits your partner’s bigger wrist and has many functions. It is a best gift for your adventurous partner because it has a compass and a dual time zone functions.

Oulm Analog Metal Bezel With Four Sub-Dials Watch - Black


Philips Waterproof Multi Groom

Beards and mustache are natural for men. This cordless and waterproof beard trimmer is also a perfect gift for him this coming Valentine’s season. It is a wonderful gift, for he can use it regularly in grooming his face.

Waterproof Multi Groom

Waterproof Multi Groom


Bamboo Shirts Eco-friendly Apparel by TOBS (MEN’S)

This Bamboo Shirts Eco-friendly Apparel by TOBS is perfect for cool and fashionable men who want to express themselves. He can experience ultimate comfort wearing this shirt as it is made from premium 95% Bamboo fabric and 5% spandex. It is available in different sizes.

Bamboo Shirts Eco-friendly Apparel by TOBS (MEN'S)

Bamboo Shirts Eco-friendly Apparel by TOBS (MEN'S)

Huxley Herman Sneakers

This Huxley Herman Sneakers adds a cool sneaker to your partner’s shoe collection. This is a perfect match for his casual outfit especially that sneakers are all the rage now.

Huxley Herman Sneakers

Huxley Herman Sneakers

Shirley May Only Aqua

Shirley May Only Aqua gift set is also a perfect gift for your loved one. It gives a pleasurable marine fresh smell and a cool sea fragrance. You can also find a variety of fragrance at Shirley May’s Online Store to suit your man’s taste for perfumes.

Shirley May Only Aqua

Shirley May Only Aqua

Travel Grip

Bags are a common need for boys especially the small ones that they can easily carry. This Travel grip is a perfect companion for your partner’s casual walks.

Travel Grip

Travel Grip

TIU #17 PBA Rain Or Shine JERSEY

If you have a sporty partner, you can give him this TIU #17 PBA Rain Or Shine JERSEY from PBA Online Store. There are also some other choices you can choose from to fit his taste and his style.

TIU #17 PBA Rain Or Shine JERSEY

TIU #17 PBA Rain Or Shine JERSEY Lady Clickers Team Cap

Boys who are exposed to sun need this Team Cap from This is a limited edition cap that has the same design worn by Shopinas Lady Clickers.

Team Cap

Team Cap

Written By: Geraldine R. Amaca