Let’s Celebrate National Skincare Awareness Month!


Skin Addict Beauty Must Haves — Part 1

Snoe Beauty Online Store has all the skin care products you need. They have an extensive line up of products to answer all your skincare needs. So to help you browse snoebeauty.shopinas.com, we have featured some of their categories to help you find that beauty must have for your perfect skin.

Have all the basics in your skin care arsenal here


To have that soft skin that will make anyone jealous


Keep your skin moisturized and looking fresh 


Let Snoe block the harmful rays of the sun to protect your skin

Something to remind you “Don’t Worry Bee Happy” is what makes you young 5.Serum

Get rid of excess skin and dirt with Snoe White Special Black Scrub Mask6.Scrub

Shopinas.com Picks: Bride Wedding Preparations

TitleBlogCongratulations, to all the June brides! We here at shopinas.com can’t end this month without celebrating that special June weddings. We are here to help you on your wedding jitters. We’re here to help you prepare for your special day.

Weight Loss1.WeightLoss

The bride needs to make sure that her Bridal gown will fit for her dream wedding. It would be a hassle if it wont’s fit on her special day.

Shopinas.com Recommended Picks:


The bride will have to look all her best for her special day. She will have to be the most beautiful woman during that day. She has to lit up and bloom against all the ladies and girls who is there during the event.

Shopinas.com Recommended Picks:


The perfect bride has to have the perfect locks for her wedding. Her crowning glory needs to shine amongst all the others. Her hair needs to look its best as she walks down the aisle. She has the

Shopinas.com Recommended Picks:


The bride needs not just to look so beautiful for her wedding day. She should also look young and bright. Her looks need to reflect how she feels inside. She needs to glow both inside and out.

Shopinas.com Recommended Picks:


The bride needs to make sure that she doesn’t need to look good just outside but also from the inside. She has to be all relaxed and cool for her wedding without the jitters.

Shopinas.com Recommended Picks:


The bride needs to make sure that she has the million dollar legs during her perfect wedding. She needs to make sure that they will be picture perfect. She will earn the envy of every woman and the admiration of girl during the said event and even during the reception.

Shopinas.com Recommended Picks:


The bride will be walking to her groom. She needs to perfectly relax them to reach the end of the aisle.

Shopinas.com Recommended Picks:

To all the June Bride, we wish you a happy and peaceful marriage with your future husband. Best Wishes!

Have you found the list useful for your June bride preparations? We hope you leave some comments below.

Make Your Papa Proud: Gifts for Him

TitleBlogIt’s Father’s day and it’s time to make the main man of your life feel how loved he is. Make the main man feel so proud in this special day made just for him. Make sure that you give him what he deserves.

To make sure that you will get him what he wants we listed our top 6 stores that he will surely love.


This is the official online store of the Philippine Basketball Association. It has all the collection of PBA retro and current team jersey, magazines, pba socks, PBA trading cards plus other memorabilia.  It has all his favorite basketball items even those from back in the days of Robert Jaworski up until to today’s James Yap.

Why visit?    

Let him relieve the golden years of basketball with a retro jersey. Let him have his official PBA Idol jersey. Let him wear it during a PBA match of his favorite team. The jersey would triple its value if you even have it signed with his PBA Idol. That he would absolutely love.

TOP 2: House of MarleyHouseOfMarley

This is the House of Marley online store. It has all the cool goods your dad will definitely love. It has headphones, earphones, bags and even wristwatches inspired by the one and only Bob Marley.

Why visit?

The House of Marley is the home for reggae music items. It has Marley inspired earphone and headphones. Check out the cool Jamaican backpacks and scout packs. It has all the neat wristwatches that will make your dad look sleek and at the same time young. If dad is a reggae and Marley fan, you just found the perfect store.

TOP 3: AzkalsAzkals

This is the official online store of the Azkals merchandise. It has a collection of football jersey from every Azkals player..

Why visit?

If you’re looking for an azkals memorabilia, it has all the Azkals items you would want to wear during an Azkals match. It has all the players from Phil Younghusband to Angel Guirado.  Find all the items you need so you will gear dad up for the next football match.

TOP 4: VibramVibram

This is the home of the Vibram fivefingers online store. They have the footwear that allows you to be barefoot while having a sure-footed grip of a Vibram sole.

Why Visit?

It has all your favourite barefoot wear. If he loves the idea of going barefoot without the dangers of injuring his foot, then time to get him one. If dad loves travel and adventure, you should buy him a pair to let him try a different type of footwear.

TOP 5: GrosbyGrosby

Grosby is a brand that is really popular from the time of Atoy Co. They made shoes for your dad’s favourite teams and players.

Why Visit?

It’s the place to look for all those retro styles of shoes your dad will be looking for. It has the all the nice functional basketball shoes used by PBA players. Also it doesn’t cost a hefty price tag.

TOP 6: Le Tour de FilipinasLeTourDeFilipinas

The official online store of the Le tour de Filipinas competition. This is the online store for the only UCI- sanctioned road cycling event in the Philippines. It has all the merchandise for the event.

Why Visit?

If you’re looking for cycling accessories, here is the place to be. It has everything from tumblers to larnyard. It has all the necessary accessories you will use for a race plus it makes you look extra cool.

Above all these gifts, remember first to make him feel special. For all the gifts you hand him, it would be nice to remember that a nice note or letter will warm a dad’s heart. It will be nice to remember that these nice gifts should make memories that last more than its worth.

Make dad remember that special day of his! Start with giving him what he deserves and then make memories this Father’s Day!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Up Early For School


It’s back to school month again. It’s time for all students to be back on your uniforms. It’s time to say hello to your old friends and new classmates. But first you have to remember, that you have to be punctual or you will be in great trouble from your advisers. You don’t want that, do you?

It’s the truth that one of the greatest lies that we say every day is that you’ll wake up after a few minutes after hearing your alarm.  Maybe it lies in the fact that we see the importance of a nice rest than of waking up to do tedious tasks.

But nonetheless we will give you enough reasons to convince you that getting up early is a must especially this back to school.

Avoid TrafficBlog1

Aren’t you getting tired of being stuck in traffic? It will make you grumpy and hot headed. It will create this bad mood that you can’t seem to shake off. It will ruin your focus. Worst, is that it can affect you throughout the day.

If you woke up early:

It will spare you from the “squeeze”. You can have the space that you need when riding public transportation without the risk of sharing the “amoy araw” scent”.

It will spare you from the busy sound of the road and the screaming manong drivers in the morning.

It will prevent you from lining up for the MRT or LRT.

It will give you shorter travel time which will cause you to arrive earlier.


If you gave yourself an early start for the day, you may be able to indulge yourself. You could enjoy the simple pleasures more than rushing yourself to arrive early for school.

If you woke up early:

You will be able to enjoy a nice breakfast with your mom. You can share your first day blues plus your new school crush.

You can seat with your sibling to tease her about his/her new seatmate or new classmates.

You can indulge on this yummy breakfast your mom made for you. You can chew slowly and have it as your driving force for school.

You won’t just sip that perfectly prepared hot coffee but you can actually savour its goodness.

Accomplish MoreBlog3

You have a lot of things that is left undone. Cramming is one of the favourite student habit we can’t seem to get rid of. If you have pending tasks left undone, you are surely not going to be able to focus while doing commute. You will surely be checking your notes or do some while you’re commuting.

If you woke up early:

You can have a spare time to do these tasks. You may not finish all the tasks that need to be done but you can at least lessen it. Plus being early in school, gives you the advantage for more quiet time while doing your tasks.

More “ME” TimeBlog4

Your mornings should be a time for you to prepare for the whole day. It shouldn’t be that time where you go all around the house picking up the things you think you need. It’s the time to enjoy the simple pleasures.

If you woke up early:

You can watch the morning show without the hassle of running around while catching up the news.

You can have that extra time inside the shower.

You can have that morning exercise that your body has been waiting for.

No RushBlog5

Stop the need to rush. Your morning preparation need not be rushed. You can go with the flow with the commute. Just remember that you need an extra hour as an allowance if ever you get “ipit” with the traffic.  You also have to make sure that you know what time you actually need to be in school better to be sure than sorry.

If you woke up early:

You can be rest assured that you will be in school completely prepared.

Your mind will be cleared of any distractions so in return it will be ready for all the lessons for that day.

“People say it’s the journey that matters more than the destination.”

So we wish you all to enjoy your early commute to school. No need to rush, it’s better to enjoy the stress free travel you will have, being prepared for that whole day of fun learning. Plus if you’re prepared before going to school, you won’t worry about a single thing.

Enjoy the crazy fun school bus moments, the sweet simple pleasure of heart melting goodness to see your crush on the way to school and to have that cool bonding moments with friends.

Have fun on your way to school! We wish you all the happy school memories you can have.

Shopinas Rulebook

Shopinas Rulebook: How to Make Your Momma Proud

Here at the shopinas.com HQ, we are busy thinking of ways how to make our mom’s proud this May. We want all the Moms in the whole country to feel the love and be proud. We conducted a research combined with a special survey that drew us to a conclusion. This conclusion gave us a list of the top things you can do for Mom. So we are now going to send out an important announcement to all the Pinoy sons and daughters out there.

It’s time to read the shopinas.com Rulebook: How to Make Your Momma Proud.

Write her a Letter

First Write her a letter filled with sweet and kind thoughts and all the good things you can say about her. Remember the key to this is to make it as real and as truthful as possible. Tell her the first time she made you feel her warmth and how caring she was for you. It’s a plus if its hand written.

How to know it worked: Let her smile or tears validate if it indeed work.

Do the Chores

Second, do the chores even if it will make you cry to do the chores, do it. It will just be a few days of helping her, no fuss really. Plus it’s summer vacation. Helping with the chores is a simple way of saying to your mom that you’re willing to help her even in the simplest way possible.

How to know it worked: Seeing your Mom relax and lessen her work load will be an achievement and assurance that you have done great things.

Give her flowers and a scrapbook

Third, give her flowers and a scrapbook. It’s okay if you can’t give both. But here are the reasons why you should give her these: Flowers show her that she will always be your number one girlfriend and it will show how much you adore her. The scrapbook is to share to her the stories that are important to you both. She will value both the adoration and the beautiful memory you both share.

How to know it worked: The tight choking hug will confirm that she loves both gifts.

Rule Number 4Fourth, tell her she’s beautiful. Who doesn’t want to be told that their beautiful? Plus you reassure her that she is the most beautiful girl in the world even if it’s just in your world. She will always be beautiful. Remember she is your mom.

How to know it worked: Her smile and youthful glow will confirm that you have indeed made her feel good about herself.

Cuddle her and say how much you love her

Fifth, cuddle her and say how much you love her. It may sound corny and cheesy both at the same time but remember one thing—never forget to say I love you. Love moves in mysterious ways and saying you love her can be much more meaningful to her than you think. It’s not every day you can say “I love you” so if you find time to do so – do it. Plus an additional affectionate hug will give more impact when you say those words.

How to know it worked: Well she will definitely tell you she loves you back.

Whether you follow or you won’t it will be totally up to you. The shopinas.com team is just here to assist you this Mother’s Day. We can give you this list and make you work through it but still the key to this rulebook is one rule: Remember to make her feel special because she will always be proud of you.

Ways you can relax at home with Shopinas.com



HoMedics Shiatsu Massaging Office Chair


See it here: http://homedics.shopinas.com/product/view/7970

Makes you feel like a boss both in your home and at the office.

Fashion meets function, the stylish leather mixed with the ability to soothe your sore muscles. Working hasn’t been more stylish and comfortable.


Marley Revolution w/ 3-button Mic Controller


See it here: http://www.shopinas.com/product/view/7721

Play your favorite tunes, rock out and belt out those tunes and live in the moment while you look cool with this headphone. We look cool while banging our heads following the beat of the drums.


T3 (2 in 1 game)


See it here: http://www.shopinas.com/product/view/8774

Let off some steam with this cool tic tac toe and Achi game “board”. It will take your mind off gadgets and relieve classic games. Plus you can invite a friend to play.


HMDX Docking Speaker 


See it here:  http://homedics.shopinas.com/product/view/8226

Rock out the cool beats with these speakers and match the great sounds with your fly moves or simply dance along to sweat all your stress away.


Box of Chocolate Fruit Balls


See it here:  http://boholproducts.shopinas.com/product/view/6477

Chocolates are natural stress relievers. So why not bite into your pleasure and taste some local made chocolates that can lift you up to cloud nine and even to chocolate hills.

 Homedics Bubble Bliss Foot Spa


See it here:  http://homedics.shopinas.com/product/view/7988

Can’t go to the spa? Then why not have your own spa at home. Set up your home to be zen like and install the right equipment like this footspa from Homedics. It will wash away your tired feet anf rejuvenate it back again.


Whichever way you want to de-stress your system, shopinas.com will be here to aid you along with our Sellers. We also have a variety of items you can choose from that are always available. You can find all here, at the easiest, most secure and happiest online shopping mall, shopinas.com.



Top 6 items you need this Holy Week


To help you pray hard this holy week and to give you protection and security.





To give us the warmth that helps us reflect and repent for our sins.




Candle Holder

To provide a strong foundation for the warm lit candle that helps us to reflect.

Candle Holder




To remember Mother Mary’s sacrifices this Lenten Season and to remember her love for us all.





To have the symbol of protection be with you as you get through this Holy week




Easter Egg

To celebrate Easter Sunday, get your finding hats ready, celebrate Easter Sunday and search for the missing Easter eggs.




At the end of the day, remember this holy week that we need to feel the presence of the lord and to be able to reflect be it with the help of an item or not. Let us commemorate the Passion of Christ this Holy Week.

Happy Lenten Season to all!

Shopinas.com joins the National Food Fair


Last March 26, 2014, The Department of Trade and Industry proudly launched this years’ Sikat Pinoy Event at the Megatrade Halls, SM Megamall that ran from March 26 to 30, 2014. A number of Pinoy Entrepreneurs joined the event to represent their respective regions and provinces. Each exhibitor has their very own product pride to share; it was an amazing and yummy sight to see. It was full of different products you can’t always find here in the metro.


It was like being in a food haven of world-class delicacies from various regions in the country that some of us thought we never have. They are delicious, beautiful and most of all, budget-friendly products made by our kababayans.


The foods are enticing to look at but the booths by the participants are also something to admire. It was a short representation or introduction of where they came from.


As a part of DTI and Shopinas’ partnership for educating SME’s about e-commerce, Shopinas was also present at the Sikat Pinoy Event.


We are able to touch both exhibitors and visitors about the power of ecommerce for the future of businesses. E commerce is not only supposed to be easy, fast and efficient but it must also be secured. Shopinas has sparked a number of interests for those who would like to use our integrated payment and logistics solutions.


The seminar was specially conducted by our very own Mr. Mark Joseph Panganiban, our Senior Sales and Business Development Specialist.


We are very happy to share our e-commerce advocacy plus the power to educate even more Filipinos about the future of ecommerce. It is with a warm heart that we thank everyone who has joined the Sikat Pinoy Event. The Filipino creativity and ingenuity should be shared to different parts of the world. So why not make your own online store with Shopinas today?

Show Your Love This Valentine’s Day

It’s not easy to love someone, nor is it easy for anyone to love us what with all our flaws and imperfections. And yet there are people out there who love us for who we are, be it our parents, our spouse or partner, or our best friend. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show all these people how much we care for them and how much we appreciate the love and care that they show us 24/7, 365 days a year.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Clockwise from top left:

Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Clockwise from top left:

  • Is he always weighed down with things – laptop, gym clothes, etc? Why not give him the Marley Lively Up Scout Bag (dimensions: 30cm x 40cm x 15cm) with padded internal pockets for a laptop & iPad/reader plus 3 external accessory pockets.
  • Toast the day of hearts with him with some Vino de Coco Wine (11% alcohol content) from OTOP Store Clark.
  • Is he a heavy smartphone user? Does he always run out of battery? This Car Juice from Mobile Wonders will make sure he never runs into that same problem again.
  • If he’s the type who jams to a playlist while at work, Marley Positive Vibration is perfect. It even comes with its own cotton carry bag for easy transport!
  • For the music lover, check out the HMDX Rave Portable Speaker from Homedics. It has a Bluetooth wireless range of up to 10 meters, and works well with virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device. It also comes with a 3.5mm AUX input for non-Bluetooth devices. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows up to 4 hours of continuous play.

Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

The year of the horse is almost upon us! Chinese New Year celebrations begin on January 31, 2014; have you started preparing your home and office for the new year? If not, here are some tips to get you started.

First, get down and dirty.
It’s time to get rid of all that clutter! The horse is a minimalist, so first order of business is to get everything clean and organized. Get rid it of all the junk that you’ve accumulated.

Sweep away all the dust and dirt with this household staple, the walis tambo.

Sweep away all the dust and dirt with this household staple, the walis tambo.

Choose appropriate colours and accents for each room.
Consider the colors purple, orange and red for your living room. Green and gray colors will work well for the kitchen; additionally, introduce the wood element into your kitchen through live plants and simple framed art or photographs. In the bedroom, go for off-white and soft pastels or white with accents of brown, beige, gold, or silver. Decorate the bathroom with elements of blues and whites, with accents of black, wood, natural fibers and stone. Enlarge this space further and make it even more bright and cheerful through the use of mirrors. Meanwhile, earth tones like terracotta, gold and yellow are recommended for the dining room, and furnish it with wooden furniture. 

For the living room (clockwise from top left): the Lotus Candleholder is a great table topper; accessorise your window with these Wind Chi or hang them by your door; decorate your living room with the red version of the Shell Torotot Decor.

For the living room

For the kitchen (clockwise from the top): protect your counters by placing hot dishes to cool on top of this abaca placemat with green accent; never lose track of time (and never overcook your dishes!) with a wall round clock; another great way to protect your counters is to use this buntal raffia fiber combi in green

For the kitchen

For the bedroom (clockwise from top left): illuminate your room with this gorgeous gold link pendant chandelier, this brown tall vase (set of 3) or brown vase (set of 3) can be perfect accent pieces in one corner of your bedroom.

For the bedroom

For the bathroom (clockwise from top left): add a touch of zen with this incense holder made of serpentinite rock from Zambales; introduce soft lighting for when you want to relax while having a bath with this two tone candleholder also made of serpentinite rock from Zambales; decorate one corner of your bathroom (or your bathroom counter, if there’s enough space) with these stonecast candleholders (set of 2); give your bathroom an illusion of space with this mirror made of mahogany frame and glass or this mirror with inlay design; prettify your tissue with this wooden tissue holder.

For the bathroom

For the dining room (clockwise from top left): add this driftwood with glass vase as your dining table centerpiece; top your sideboard with this monsanto wooden lantern; serve rice or other dishes with this lovely wooden pinya; gather round this calvin round dining table at every meal; turn off the lights and use a tea light candle inside this oris tea light for a romantic dinner for two; dress up your meals with this coco placemat.

For the dining room


Get enough clean fresh air.
Open your windows regularly to allow the air to circulate. Keep fresh flowers around the house to help clear the air. Alternatively, use an air purifier to ensure that the air in your home is always full of oxygen. 

Ozein Air

Ozein Air, with its 4-stage air purifying system, is a great addition to your home. It effectively removes 99.99% of airborne contaminants such as dust, pollen, smoke, mold, pet dander, and dioxin. It also kills any virus and bacteria that pass through its system.

Choose rounded corners for your furniture. 
As experts advise against sharp corners in your furniture, choose those with rounded corners instead. Avoid arranging furniture in an L-shaped position.

Furniture with Rounded Corners(Left to right): Grab this rounded stool made of weaved abaca as the perfect accent to any room of your house. This beautiful stool is made of wrought iron, but made in such a way that it makes you think of bamboo; this can be a perfect addition for the living room.