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5 Tricks to Make Your Kids Enjoy Going To School


Are you getting worried about your kid’s first day in school?

Let us help you lessen those worries you have with this amazing kid’s happy school list. Make your kid enjoy school without worrying while you seat at home relaxing with confidence.

Some of these tricks should be done during their first day at school so they can enjoy the rest of the school year. Make sure to do these tricks so your kid will be an active student at school and will look forward to every school day.

Trick #1 Show how cool school is to your kids

Happy Children

Let your kids know that school is a fun place for learning and making new friends. Give school an image of fun and enjoyment to make your kids look forward to going to school. Build his idea and imagination about how big the opportunities in school are so he/she would in turn have a positive outlook and response to the new environment.

Trick #2 Acknowledge their fears and concerns


You should be open to listen to your kid’s fears and doubts about this new stage in his/her life. Showing that you are ready to listen makes it easier for them to tell you what problems he/she is encountering in school. This way it is easier for them to enjoy school with no worries knowing they have you to be their hero.

Trick #3 Find your kid a friend or buddy


It’s best that your kid earn a friend or companion on his/her first day. School life would be boring if you have no friends to start with. Having someone with him during lunch or breaks will make him/her realize that school is similar to play.

Trick #4 Give them fun tumblers and include a special note to their lunch

Shopinas Back2School 5

Shopinas Back2School 5

Give your kid something he/she could show her friends to boast. One thing kids like doing during recess and breaks is flaunting their cool new stuff to their friends. Be sure that your kid has the latest tumblers and lunch boxes with the cutest design so he can surprise everyone. This also helps them earn more friends and become one of the popular kids.

 Keep them Hydrated!       

Shopinas Back2School 1

Straw bottles are the perfect school buddies for your kids! Have them sip their healthy juice drink from tumblers with their favorite cartoon character designs. It keeps their drink cold up to 12 hours. It will prevent spills and leaks that can result to dirty uniforms and insecurities. Make sure your kids are also properly hydrated in school especially with all the strenuous physical exercise and activities.



Choose Safe Lunchboxes  

Snack time or lunch break, we have the perfect food food jar for your kids.

Mommies, instead of going to your kids’ school every lunch time, you could just simply prepare their foods in the morning and let your kids bring it at school with them. Put it in a cool little lunchbox. It’s hand carry and hassle free. This Food Jar keeps the food or snack at the perfect temperature. Your kid could enjoy his/her lunch hot. We have other designs available that your little one would love here. They would appreciate a home-cooked meal made with love.

Also, personalize their lunch boxes with a special note that reminds them of your love and affection.


Trick #5 Let your kid join extra curricular activities 

For your kid to enjoy school, he/she must be looking forward to other activities. Here, your kid can meet more kids with the same interest as him/her. It’s also best if their interests are pursued in such a young age so they can hone and experience more activities.

Extra Tip: Prepare and pack up for school early 

Prep your kids with the best essentials. Equip them with backpacks that they can wear at school and use even until college. Give them something that can store all their books and safely keep their gadgets.

Shopinas Back2School 2

Shopinas Back2School 2

From all these tips we hope your kids have a fun day in school and enjoy learning everyday!

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