Top 10 Things You Should Do but Aren’t Doing This Rainy Day

10. Take a bath

Take a bath as soon as you get home, especially if you get soaked from the rain, to avoid getting sick. A warm bath will normalize your body temp to prevent colds.

9. Take a bath even if you’re just at home

A change in weather can cause colds, cough and the flu. Bathing with warm to hot water will relax your muscles and normalize body temp.

8. Don’t sleep too much

…Unless you know you’re in a safe, flood-free place. Stay alert. You might already be knee-deep in water and not even know it.

7. Take Vitamin C

This will boost your immune system and keep most sicknesses,such as a cold, at bay.


Don’t forget to take Vitamin C, such as PedZINC Plus C, available at most drugstores and also available for order online at


6. Eat REAL healthy food

Avoid processed food. Your body needs to stay warm and it needs all the nutrients it can get. Snacks will only delay your hunger for a short while. Real food will give you the energy boost you need.
5. Put all your important documents in one waterproof bag

Doing this will allow you to easily grab all of your important papers and keep them dry, in case of an emergency or dangerous situation like a flood. No waterproof bag? A Ziploc bag can easily do the job as well.

4. Prepare a survival bag

Gather basic medicines such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen, cough and cold medications, as well as vitamins and supplements. Pack some extra clothes (not your entire closet!) in a plastic bag for a layer of waterproofing, a flashlight and/or candles and matches, and basic toiletries such as shampoo and soap. Don’t forget to grab some food (those with long shelf life like canned goods – NOT lechon or sinigang, no matter how tempting!), and also candies, energy bars or chocolates to give you a quick boost of energy. And in this day and age, don’t forget your mobile chargers so that you can easily keep your phones fully charged in case you need to call someone for an emergency.Pack all these in a lightweight bag such as the PBA duffel bag (available at



3. Keep your gadgets charged at all times

The worst thing that can happen is for your phone’s battery to run out in the middle of an emergency. Always keep the battery full and keep your phone beside you. Avoid the temptation of constantly checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media apps – these can drain your battery fast!

Another way to make sure your phone is always on full power, even during a blackout, is to invest in a solar-powered charger such as the Solar Charger from Earthonomic Designs, available on



2.Don’t flood social media sites with nonsense and jokes about rescues

Make each tweet count, especially if you are using hashtags that are being used for official purposes (such as #RescuePH or #ReliefPH). BE SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE. If there are new updates, you can re-tweet them or share them on Facebook to keep all your friends updated.

1. Pray.

Pray for the safety of your friends and family and also for those badly affected by the typhoon. Prayer is our best weapon and Christ is the best companion in this cold rainy weather.


Keep safe and dry, everyone!

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