BGC Loves Local / BGC Arts Center Festival

5 Things we love about BGC Art Mart

BGC (Bonifacio Global City) has made a wonderful initiative with the BGC Arts Center Festival. Of course, this event happens at the BGC Arts Center which is an amazing place that showcases Filipino art and passion. The event happened last June 10 at BGC Arts Center with a theme of BGC Loves Local. Since this is a relatively new event, we took the time and explore our favorite event that day, the BGC Art mart.

Here a number of Filipino artists have come together to show their creations and talent. So here’s what happened during the event.

What happened at the BGC Art Mart

BGC Art Mart, BGC Loves Local, BGC Arts Center Festival

  1. 1. We love the fact that we saw such beautiful creations and art pieces all in one place. It’s nice since there’s an assortment of items and art styles. So you’re eyes will definitely be filled with all the sights and

BGC Arts Center Festival, BGC Loves Local, BGC Art Mart

2. Since Art is a way of expression don’t be surprised to see spontaneous and surprise performances. The cool performances made our stay worth while.

BGC Arts Center Festival, BGC Art Mart, BGC Loves Local, Stickers

3. STICKERS!!! Yup, the one of the best thing about events for artists. When on a budget, these are the best things to collect.

BGC Art Mart, BGC Arts Center Festival, BGC Loves Local

4. Personalized trinkets. It’s good to source gift items that you can personalize. This event is the place for you to go when sourcing for these items.

BGC Arts Center Festival, BGC Art Mart, BGC Loves Local

5. Unexpected finds. One of our favorites during the BGC Art Center festival was this “lakbay” bag. It’s not your usual canvas bag. It has that nice feminine and local pinoy vibe that we really like.

BGC Arts Center Festival, BGC Art Mart, BGC Loves Local

Soon you’ll get these products at shopinas. We’ll update you once that’s okay. So we’ll see you the next time we visit awesome local Pinoy events in the metro.

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