Shopinas helps Entrepreneurs make the leap with Jumpstart aims to educate and empower Filipino entrepreneurs with eCommerce. We aim to help them on how to put their business online.

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So that was the reason, we started Jumpstart. This event gathers all shopinas registered  and aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the country for an informative and engaging afternoon.

Our speaker for this event is our very own Mr. Mark Joseph Panganiban, eCommerce Evangelist.

Mark Joseph Panganiban

His topic for discussion is “Putting Your Business Online. Every entrepreneur there was keen on listening to his presentation.

Mark Joseph Panganiban Explains

Shopinas Entrepreneur

The presentation was chock full of information. It was a discussion ranging from the status of eCommerce in the country, website development, payment options to logistics services options.

Mark Joseph Panganiban (4)

There were a lot of questions thrown by the eager entrepreneurs  for him. After all the questions were answered, we then presented how is it to start working on their Shopinas online store.


After Mr. Panganiban presented the things needed for an online store, we advanced to discussing how to manage their online store.

Daisy Jornales 3

We have Ms. Daisy Jornales, our QA Specialist for the instructions on how to go about their own Shopinas Dashboard.

Daisy Jornales 2

As a guide on how to customize and use their store, they were also given the Seller’s Handbook.

You can read the Seller’s handbook here.

Shopinas Registration

Shopinas Registration

We conducted a step-by-step tutorial for managing their online store.

Certificate Giving

Everyone learned It was a great day for everyone who attended. They were all given certificates for attending the seminar plus a freebie for joining us on this event.

Shopinas Entrepreneurs with Team

We hope that for the next Shopinas Jumpstart event. It would be YOU who will join us. If you want to be a shopinas entrepreneur and start your online store today, REGISTER NOW!

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