That Big Cheese Ball We call DAD

Daddy; cool and err cheeky. He probably brags about his good looks and how awesome he was when he was younger, the never ending story about how macho he is. Pfffft! But this macho man became cheeky and a softie the day you were born. He probably swore that he was going to protect you until his last breath and that’s the superhero alter ego of dad because we all know big boys are cheese balls inside. So why don’t you remind daddy this June 17 that he is the biggest cheese ball. And oh, don’t forget your camera because daddy cheesy moments don’t happen often.

Here are some macho gift suggestions for daddy from


Men need to take care of themselves too! And more often than not men forget about their armpits and woman hate dark ugly armpits!! *gaaasp??*


So from Snoe, Under Armed Forces Whitening Cream

Under Armed Forces will fight the war against dark armpits. Repair damaged skin, whiten and make it even toned. Infused with mistletoe extract for melanin production and minimize chicken skin for perfectly white underarms! And for daddy’s who’s starting to grow gray hair this Cover Up for Men (Stick Applicator) Non-dye, safer alternative to cover gray hair instantly without harmful chemicals, the hassle of waiting in the parlor (as if dad’s going to expose himself in a salon), and the mess of dyeing one’s own hair. It is washable and comes in a handy packaging that allows you to apply it anytime, anywhere.


Remember daddy needs that swag!


Every Filipino Man thinks he’s meant to be a basketball player. Give daddy a Robert Jaworski Ginebra Jersey from PBA Retro Jersey and let him live his fantasies as a superstar basketball player. Go accompany him in one of his games and bring a banner saying “GO DADDY!!!” and bring this HOT & COLD COMPRESS kit just in case the game gets rough and after he’ll probably get you an iSisid for your iPhone 4, 4s and iPod 4G!


HE is crazy about keeping his car clean! No eating, no smoking, no funky smell, no fooling around with his second love (insert daddy’s name for his car) after you! So why not give him this CAR IONIZER; an ALL IN ONE air purifier, deodorizer and sanitizer in your car! – Cleans the air, removes smoke, dust pollens, pollution and air contaminants. – Eliminates odors. – Get rid of germs and bacteria that trigger allergies, asthma, and bronchitis. – Revitalizes body energy and eases fatigue and tiredness. – Prevents growth of Mildew simply plug it into your vehicle’s lighter receptacle and the purification process begins and you will be forgiven for all you car sins. And something else for dad’s car a Race chip Pro! Race Chip work on the piggy back principle that is easily installed in common rail diesel engines to give up to 30% additional power and torque. It is an entirely plug and play system, that does not require splicing of any cables or re-programming of the vehicle’s computer box (ECU). Each Kit comes with its own, automotive industry standard, wiring harness that is specific to every vehicle.


It’s the little things that make THE MAN. This GIFT SET can be personalized for dad! You can choose from different sets that include; pens, bottle opener, keychain, nail cutter, calculator, keychain with flashlight, and a Swiss knife.


Daddy trying to quit smoking? Let me tell you why he bought that electronic cigarette. You know how in the olden times, men looked so cool with a cigar or a pipe? That’s how they feel with an e-cigarette. Only now, he is extra cooler because he’s a health conscious bloke. He is quitting smoking and he is doing it in style with a funky e-cig. So why not get him this VapeCo Electronic Cigarette Personal Charging Case, The Joye eGo PCC has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery (2000mAH). A fully charged Joye eGo PCC can recharge 2 pcs of 1000mAh Joye eGo battery or 3 pcs of regular 650mAh Joye eGo battery! With a special 10ml empty bottle included, this Joye eGo PCC can also carry 10ml e-juice The Joye 510 PCC can carry 1 Joye 510 atomizer, 2 Joye 510 cartridges and charge one regular Joye 510 battery.


Is your dad the type who likes to go outdoors and be one with wildlife? And as soon as he has set his camp he’ll sit and grab his favorite book? Get him the Brunpafirbag, Eco paper case Organic design, 100% Handmade, 100% Bio-degradable materials, only sustainable materials used, Reusable, Recyclable, Customizable artwork, Waterproofing treatment. Carry it anywhere, write on it, draw on it, and let it carry your battle marks in the urban jungle. And along with that throw in a pair of Men’s SPEED from Vibram Five Fingers Speed is best for: Light Trekking, Running, Fitness and Travel Unlike any shoe on the market today, the Speed is designed specifically for a more natural walking experience. Built on an entirely new platform, the Speed features a Dri-lex® covered 3mm polyurethane insole (thickest under the ball) and a 3 mm anatomical pod outsole design, that offers more plating protection and distributes forefoot impact without compromising important ground feedback, essential to a proper forefoot strike running form. A more athletic padded collar and topline, a lace closure and Mesh upper for improved ventilation. Now any outdoor trip is sure to be perfect for dad!


Wine Rack – Single Holder with 3 Goblet Hooks, what a better way to celebrate Father’s day, surprise him with this wine rack with his favorite wine and sit with dad and just talk. Sometimes all we need to keep our families together is to spend quality time with them. Remember he is still your best friend; he will never ever let you down.


The musical father, oops, sorry the ROCK STAR dad!!! Let dad enjoy his playlist whether he’s jogging, chilling, or waiting for you while with this AIR WEAR HEADPHONES The seamless lightweight headband together with the cushioned ear shells that’s comfortable. Ultra lightweight headband improves comfort and fit for superb music pleasure by Philips


Boys will always love their toys, this Michael Jordan display collectible is surely going to blow daddy away. Michael Jordan + a collectible toy, ring a bell? Need I expound more?


Now you are all set to give dad the best father’s day ever! A nice gesture by making him feel special is the best way to say I HEART DAD.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY FROM OF US HERE IN SHOPINAS.COM (who’s a bunch of cheese balls)

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