Make Your Papa Proud: Gifts for Him


It’s Father’s day and it’s time to make the main man of your life feel how loved he is. Make the main man feel so proud in this special day made just for him. Make sure that you give him what he deserves.

To make sure that you will get him what he wants we listed our top 6 stores that he will surely love.



This is the official online store of the Philippine Basketball Association. It has all the collection of PBA retro and current team jersey, magazines, pba socks, PBA trading cards plus other memorabilia.  It has all his favorite basketball items even those from back in the days of Robert Jaworski up until to today’s James Yap.

Why visit?    

Let him relieve the golden years of basketball with a retro jersey. Let him have his official PBA Idol jersey. Let him wear it during a PBA match of his favorite team. The jersey would triple its value if you even have it signed with his PBA Idol. That he would absolutely love.

TOP 2: House of MarleyHouseOfMarley


This is the House of Marley online store. It has all the cool goods your dad will definitely love. It has headphones, earphones, bags and even wristwatches inspired by the one and only Bob Marley.

Why visit?

The House of Marley is the home for reggae music items. It has Marley inspired earphone and headphones. Check out the cool Jamaican backpacks and scout packs. It has all the neat wristwatches that will make your dad look sleek and at the same time young. If dad is a reggae and Marley fan, you just found the perfect store.

TOP 3: Azkals


This is the official online store of the Azkals merchandise. It has a collection of football jersey from every Azkals player..

Why visit?

If you’re looking for an azkals memorabilia, it has all the Azkals items you would want to wear during an Azkals match. It has all the players from Phil Younghusband to Angel Guirado.  Find all the items you need so you will gear dad up for the next football match.

TOP 4: VibramVibram


This is the home of the Vibram fivefingers online store. They have the footwear that allows you to be barefoot while having a sure-footed grip of a Vibram sole.

Why Visit?

It has all your favourite barefoot wear. If he loves the idea of going barefoot without the dangers of injuring his foot, then time to get him one. If dad loves travel and adventure, you should buy him a pair to let him try a different type of footwear.

TOP 5: GrosbyGrosby


Grosby is a brand that is really popular from the time of Atoy Co. They made shoes for your dad’s favourite teams and players.

Why Visit?

It’s the place to look for all those retro styles of shoes your dad will be looking for. It has the all the nice functional basketball shoes used by PBA players. Also it doesn’t cost a hefty price tag.

TOP 6: Le Tour de FilipinasLeTourDeFilipinas


The official online store of the Le tour de Filipinas competition. This is the online store for the only UCI- sanctioned road cycling event in the Philippines. It has all the merchandise for the event.

Why Visit?

If you’re looking for cycling accessories, here is the place to be. It has everything from tumblers to larnyard. It has all the necessary accessories you will use for a race plus it makes you look extra cool.

Above all these gifts, remember first to make him feel special. For all the gifts you hand him, it would be nice to remember that a nice note or letter will warm a dad’s heart. It will be nice to remember that these nice gifts should make memories that last more than its worth.

Make dad remember that special day of his! Start with giving him what he deserves and then make memories this Father’s Day!

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