5 Easy Steps that will make you Daddy’s Favorite this Father’s Day

So you want to be daddy’s favorite? Let’s show you how from this step by step guide.

Come on and see how we can help you achieve this with just 5 easy steps.




Step 1. Make a Throwback

Your dad loves basketball? Plus, a total Kenneth Duremdes fan? Two Points.

We have the best and awesome-st  PBA Retro Jerseys that he will surely love. We have quite a few here as well. Let him relieve the memory of his favorite PBA games and players from the past. 

Buy him a Sunkist Bottlers PBA Retro Jersey that you can uniquely find and buy at shopinas and we promise that he’ll surely love it. A bonus point if he posts your awesome gift in social media to boast to his barkada.

 Step 2. Treat him like a King

Your highness may no longer got time to pamper outside because of his hectic work schedule.

For you can no longer give him the Iron Throne, you can at least give him the next best thing. Give him his own throne at home, we have an idea on how to get one. 

You can simply go to Ogawa PH’s Online Store. The OGAWA Smart Space XD Tech Massage Chair will surely give him the royal treatment fit for a king. Here he can relax without spending money and wasting time travelling and waiting at your local spa. Plus you get to enjoy more time with him at home when he is done recharging and you can watch and catch up on Game of Thrones’ new season.


Step 3. Give him time

As they say, there’s nothing more special but giving time. So now we’re taking this literally, equip Father Time with a fashion essential.

Give him a sturdy sophisticated timepiece that will make his co-workers swoon in jealousy like this Q&Q Smile Solar Eco-Drive Watch.



Step 4. Take him out

Yes, its time for you to take him out! Not by wrestling or any sports that requires a tap out, what we mean is if you can take him put for dinner.

Treat him in his favorite restaurant. Choose and buy him his favorite food. Talk about his hobbies, bond with him. This will be the perfect time for you and your dad to bond and hangout with each other. He’ll surely love the fact that you spent time and treat him for free. 




Step 5. Give him something special

“For the man who deserves more than a gift” 

Why not give him a personalized whisky bottle where you can put your daddy’s name on with a special greeting like “Happy Father’s Day”? These whisky bottles from Johnnie Walker are the best one of a kind gift, you can share to your dad. Big bonus if you can finish one faster against him. 


But above all, we wish all the best Daddy’s a Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for being awesome! You have paved way for a generation of millenials that can bravely stand for themselves.


Written by: Noimie Ignacio

Edited by: Mich Lim

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