Here’s how to solve your high energy bills!

Our country is currently experiencing rotating brown outs. To add to that burden, we are also being charged a high amount of electricity bills. It honestly drives us mad to receive a monthly burden for something we badly need. We are quite dependent with our need of electricity. We need it for our home appliances, gadgets and more. If you’re as concerned as we are, please take a moment and hear us. It’s that we are here to offer you a perfect solution to your problem.

Visit them here:

They aim to light cities. They aim to provide emergency energy. They aim to light up the small barrios. They even aim to light up the whole country with solar energy.

Yes, solar. This is a natural gift that we have. The best thing is it’s free. We can take as much as we want without harming the planet.

These are solar portable lanterns. They are charged using solar power and can easily be carried for emergency purposes. These are good company for adventures and outdoor activities.



These are solar portable lighting with mobile charging. These are solar powered as well but they can be used to charge our gadgets. It greatly helps us to stay connected during disasters and floods. One of these is actually a radio aside from being a flashlight and a mobile charger. A radio helps us to stay updated on what’s happening outside perimeters of our community.



These are solar home systems and mobile and gadgets charging. These are built to light up your homes, shops or businesses. They can also charge your mobile phones and other gadgets. They would greatly help during rotating brown outs and black outs. It even has a warranty of 1 to 2 years.



What now? Would you want one? Cause if you do, join us and let’s light up the Philippines today with Hybrid Social Solutions! Comment and Let us know.

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