Valentines Day Gift Ideas –’s Top Picks

Here’s the deal, you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you’re planning the perfect date this Valentines and wanting to surprise your partner with the most memorable gift. Your problem is you don’t know what to give. There’s a bunch of specialty items, promos and packages out there that don’t help at all except to clutter your mind. And to make things even worse, malls are a crazy limbo, buzzed with gazillions of lovers. Worst, you don’t have time to shop.

Hopeless case? No.

We know February 14 is sort of incomplete without something for the love of your life. And that’s why is here. Together, let’s make your Valentines oozing with love!

We took care of the Valentine gift ideas. All you have to do is select what you think is perfect for your partner (because we can’t do that for you ), put the item in your shopping box, and checkout. You know that we’ll also take care of the delivery, don’t you? Good.  So here we go.

For Your Guy

1. Philips SH8800/10 Headset

This is pristine for your music lover hubby. The caps are interchangeable that match his style and has closed type design that blocks out the ambient noise.

2. Acqua Di Gio Perfume

If your man is into fresh and clean look, this perfume is perfect for him. Don’t you love to be dazed with this sexy scent on your date?

3. Rene Icon T-shirt

Statement shirts are always a hit. So if your guy is into it, this one is a great find! Funny, sexy and sweet!

4. PBA Retro Jersey

Join him when he plays basketball donning jerseys from the legendary players of the PBA.

5. Vibram Five Fingers

This unique-looking, performance enhancer shoes are cool gifts for your sporty guy.


For Your Babe

1. Chocolate Clothing

Sassy and sweet! Your girl will love the stylish dresses and accessories from Chocolate. Make sure to have her measurements 

2. Love Lingerie

Let’s get real. These perfect pieces will make your angel sexier and hotter. We bet you’re looking forward to that. Go and give it a shot!

3. Snoe Beauty Products

Girls are girls. They always want to be beautiful. Make-up and beauty products from this store could be just what she’s looking for.

4. Satchel Bags

If your wifey is into bags that are classy and elegant, she might be longing to have satchels! Don’t let these bags haunt her so put it into your shopping cart.

5. Sonnet Beads

This one suits your limited budget. Accessories as Valentine gifts are never old-fashioned. So start shopping for some. The saying goes, it’s always the thought that counts. Indeed it is.

BONUS: Gifts for a Friends

Philippines Gift box Online Gift Shop

Send your friend a unique gift that you won’t find in an ordinary online gift shop. Each item is placed in a elegant gift box and delivered straight to your friend’s doorstep. This is the place to find a gift for those who have EVERYTHING!

Sassy Sleep

sassy sleep
Blair - "Highly recommended!"

Another perfect Valentines gift idea, Sassy Sleep is a line of sleep wear made for fun, flirty chics who want to stay in style while sleeping in comfort. So if you have a friend who loves sleeping (like most of us do) send this gift today.


This is just a short list apparently.  There’s a whole lot more from The Mall. You can shop for Valentine gifts anytime, anywhere!

Happy Love month!


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