Shopinas brings E-commerce and Digital Marketing Insights to Pampanga

As part of our partnership with the Department Trade of Industry (DTI), shopinas has been summoned to indulge and educate students and SMEs from Pampanga for a whole day of E-commerce and Digital Marketing topics.


It was an event joined by students, government sector, small businesses, brands and other industry players. We have been served wonderfully  by the students of Systems Plus College Foundation of Angeles Pampanga.


One of the biggest concerns of SMEs in launching their business online is how to start. It can be hard for them to know the first step they should take. That is why DTI Pampanga, made this event possible enable to help homegrown SMEs gain confidence and the knowledge advantage.

Mark Joseph Panganiban, Business Development Manager for Air21 Global Inc. and Shopinas shared plenty of eCommerce information, data and how to put their business online. He also discussed a number of topics like social media, digital and millenial marketing all in connection to their plan to launch their business online.


Mich Lim, Marketing Specialist for Air21 Global Inc. and Shopinas assists the entrepreneurs on how to set up their business for Google business. Here we aim for them to have a presence so they have something to use for them to start tackling the online arena.


We made sure that after this event they have an output. They were also allowed to explore and apply all the teachings and tips they gained from the previous seminar.


It was a fun afternoon with the kapampangan SMEs and students. They have a number of questions we eagerly answered. We hope that this has been a fruitful one for them as they use what they learned to make their businesses even more successful.

If interested to go online, have your own online store for free here.

2 thoughts on “Shopinas brings E-commerce and Digital Marketing Insights to Pampanga”

  1. we are new in the furniture business an we wanted to go e-com. online selling as part of our business promotion and to get customers too.
    do you still conduct a free seminar?
    thank you

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