Top 10 Activities for Singles This Valentine’s Day

  1. Go to Movie house

Try to celebrating Valentine’s day on a movie house but be sure to watch other types of movies like comedy, horror, science fiction, and suspense or thriller. Consider the day as an ordinary day and invite your other single friends to accompany you in watching movies so that it will be more fun.

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  1. Pamper yourself

When you don’t have any plan for Valentine’s Day, why not visit places that will give you relaxation and comfort. Go to a spa or a salon to indulge yourself for refreshment and body massage. This is the perfect time to treat yourself and make you feel special and pampered.

Pamper yourself
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  1. Challenge yourself

If you want to stroll and challenge yourself with extreme rides and adventurous places, go to outdoor places like amusement parks, mountains, and other trekking places. Enchanted Kingdom, Sky Ranch, and Star City are the three most popular amusement parks located in the Philippines. These places can help you release stress. On the other hand, indulging yourself to an adventurous experience like trekking will bring fun and lead you to become more of an independent person.

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  1. Go out with family

The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single is to go out with your family. Even if you are single, you will still feel special and loved because of your family. Ask them for a group date so that the essence of love is still present and will not be vanished.

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  1. Go out of town/country

Plan a special trip to a place that you’ve never visited before. It’s awesome if this is on another country. This will be an exciting one because you can encounter different and new experiences like meeting new people, eating foreign foods, visiting new beautiful places, and travelling on your own. If you wish for an out of town only, you should try going to a beach so that you can unwind and feel relax on the chill environment.

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  1. Learn how to cook for yourself

Being a single does not mean that you are alone. It is not synonymous to loneliness. It is just that you are strong enough to be an independent men or women. On Valentine’s Day, it is best for singles to make something that could satisfy your needs and at the same time to express your love for yourselves. One of it is to learn how to cook dishes for yourselves and you could also share it with your family and friends. It is more exciting and so much enjoyment if you are going to cook your favorite dish on your own with full of love.

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  1. Throw a party                                                                    

Invite your friends who are also single and throw a party. Eat all you can and remember to drink moderately. You and your friends can also enjoy singing in a karaoke bar or throwing a pool party with full of pool activities, foods and drinks.

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  1. Eat at your favorite restaurant alone

Being alone gives you time to indulge yourself. Valentine’s Day is about love so it is a time for you to love yourself more. Eat your favorite dish in your favorite restaurant and enjoy the moment.

Eat Alone
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  1. Try something new

On Valentine’s Day, ask yourself what do you want to do that you never tried or experienced before. You want to be fit? Go to gym. You want to study on how to apply makeup in your face on your own then try it. You want to travel alone then go and enjoy it. You want to enroll in a dance class then move and shake your body. Everything that you are interested in, just do it.

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  1. Be HAPPY

For now, you can just enjoy being single and live in the moment.

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Written By: Kaydeen Micka T. Oval and Anjanette C. Rebano

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