E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit

Shopinas.com joined the E-commerce Entrepreneurs Summit this August 29,2015 at Best Western Antel Hotel, Makati. This event is a gathering of the prominent people of eCommerce.

Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Summit (3)
In this Summit, shopinas.com showed a proof of concept for a start up in front of all these great minds.

Mr. Mark Joseph Panganiban, Head of Sales and Marketing of shopinas.com wonders about having communities about fashion, babies, sports, movies and even kinky stuff . Then asks the question, why is there no community for drinkers?

MJ Panganiban Shopinas Tagay.Ph

Now, where could drinkers build this community of their own? Shopinas.com has the answer to that. We have tagay.ph who will be your alcohol buddy /  drinking buddy that will quench your drinking habit. Tagay.ph will be your go-to-eCommerce store for all the alcohol and liquor that you need.

This will be a home to a number of liquors for you to choose from. This site will also feature toys that can used during drinking sessions. It will feature beer pongs and other equipment.  It seems like a whole lot of fun products will be there. (laughs)

To add a little fun to the experience, tagay.ph will feature a forum named Usapang Lasing. It will be the place for all the drinkers to share experiences and tag the one who will pay and take care of the next inuman. (Cool, right?)

More photos during the event:

Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Summit

Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Summit (2)

Are you excited about this new shopinas endeavor? Gather your party peeps and drinking buddies then make tagay to tagay.ph!

You may check out or visit tagay.ph right now but its still is in its baby stages so please be a little understanding.

Though, please let us comment below and let us know what you think about tagay,ph so we can improve.

Photo Courtesy: Mga Ladawan ni Aman by Aman Dela Cruz

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