Shopinas joins Remax Philippines and Hoppler Family Day Fiesta

THROWBACK. This is to give appreciation to our merchants and partners for a special event. We got to join the festivities with REMAX Philippines and Hoppler for their Family Day Fiesta at Barangay Forbes Park last October. It was an energetic day filled with laughter, fun and wine! (Thanks to Dielle’s Apiary and Meadery!)



This event is a time for brokers and real estate professionals from both Remax Philippines and Hoppler to unwind and network with fellows from the same industry. The Pinoy Fiesta theme fits perfectly with shopinas products.



We got to showcase local goodies to our real estate franchise owners and broker friends. There were Pinoy party games and amazing Filipino foods ready to fill our tummies. The kids enjoyed a lot in grabbing their snacks too! ( Villa Socorro Farm Banana chips your perfect munchies!)



They also have a new product that will launch soon that really captivated our tastebuds. It’s called Farmony. Yup, you probably saw it here first. It’s like your typical cornick but with a twist of wasabi and shoyu.



The classy Dulce de leche from Lick The Spoon made a splash with its explosive taste. It’s a favorite of our Kababayans abroad this can be your new favorite try it out.



With all the desserts, snacks and foods, we had to re-hydrate. Thank goodness, we have Wah-Tah to quench our thirst. (It’s awesome water with Iodine, perfect for good I.Q) Yes, you heard that right, it’s water with nutrients for your kids that is sure to pack a punch.



Got to finish the day with all the fun and games, plus the satisfying feeling of showcasing local Pinoy products. The prize below is a locally made bag from Scherz of Iloilo.



Siklo Pilipinas is also one of our proud sponsor for this event. They shared their eco-friendly and sturdy bags made of recycled wheels.



The event was a blast for Remax Philippines, Hoppler and all the sponsors. We hope to do another one again. So if you want to do this in your company, feel free to let us know. Our merchants can have their stalls in your office for your private or exclusive local bazaar.


If you have events or needs for corporate giveaways, give us an email at [email protected] We would love to join your events. For your unique corporate giveaways, we can customize items for your business while supporting locally made products, small businesses and giving more Pinoys jobs .

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