Pinoy New Year’s Eve Must-Haves

New Year’s Eve is just a few hours away!

We at Shopinas made a fun little compilation list of all the must have items and things to do before the year comes to an end.




We Pinoys like the spectacular sights and colors of fireworks in the sky. We can’t stop getting awed by the amazing light shows. It is also a tradition to light up the fireworks and hold them up and take photos.

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of


Round fruits on the Table for Media Noche

We Pinoys believe that each fruit is a symbol of luck for each month for the next year. So it is crucial for us to complete all different fruits even if they’re really expensive this time of the year.

Polka dotted Shirt 

A nice polka dotted shirt may not look oh-so-fashionable but this is said to be a bringer of of luck for the new year.

Photo Courtesy of jeff pioquinto, sj
Photo Courtesy of jeff pioquinto, sj


Trumpets or Torotot

A partner to fireworks are trumpets. The kids who are not allowed to light fireworks can share the fun by blowing horns during the New Year.


Jumping when the clock strikes for the New Year

It is a common belief that jumping when the clock strikes for the New Year will make you grow taller.

A resolutions list 

We keep a resolutions list to make sure that we know what our goals and target are for the next year.

A wishlist 

The things we didn’t get this Christmas will make to this list plus additional other things we aim to get the next year.

Did we forget to write other things done? Let us know in the comments.

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