Tech Gift Guide this Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner! Many are thinking of gift ideas to give their loved ones this season. However, we all know that the most common items on our wishlist are gadgets and electronics.

So to make us drool and crave for more gadgets, technology and electronics, here is a great tech gift guide to give you ideas:

Philips Gaming Headset
Rock out your friend’s gaming world with Philips Gaming Headset


Many are into video games nowadays.Some play video games to relax, relieve stress and to experience a different environment that only gaming could give. One of the best accessories to give these game geeks is a brand new headset for them to enjoy a surround sound experience when playing their favorite games.

Fling Joystick For Ipad Touch Screen Tablets
Enjoy your iPad to its full potential with a Fling joystick for iPad


Having a hard time playing your favorite apps and games on iPad? Fling’s patent pending design provides auto-centering and force feedback. Once you start gaming with Fling, you’ll never stop. If you have a friend who loves games and wants to have ultimate control on all games that has an on-screen joystick and take his skills to the next level then this Fling joystick for iPad touch screen tablets is for him.

Bluetooth Mono Headset
Take calls hands free with Philips Bluetooth Mono Headset


Philips Bluetooth Mono Headset allows you to take calls hands free. This is the best companion for on-the-go employees, professionals and yuppies. 

2.4GHz Wireless Folding Arc Mouse
Equip your Laptop with a Wireless Folding Mouse


2.4GHz Wireless Folding Arc Mouse has a wireless USB nano receiver that connects right out of the box with virtually no interference and has up to a 10 meters wireless range and folds for portability. This is a perfect device for on-the-go professionals.

Ipega Bluetooth Classic Game Pad
Enjoy handheld gaming with your smartphone with Ipega Bluetooth Classic Gamepad


Ipega Bluetooth Classic Gamepad lets you experience handheld gaming with your smartphone. Enjoy button smashing and combo busting moves with your smartphone while you dive into your favorite game.

Four Port USB Wall Charger
Charge Four (4) devices at the same time with this Four (4)  Port USB Wall Charger


Techies hate running out of power while on-the-go. This USB Wall charger allows charging of four USB powered devices from one power outlet. This Four Port USB Wall Charger (US Plug) is perfect for home, work, and travel especially when techies need to charge multiple USB powered devices at the same time. 

Written by Gladys Custodio

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