Ways you can relax at home with Shopinas.com



HoMedics Shiatsu Massaging Office Chair


See it here: http://homedics.shopinas.com/product/view/7970

Makes you feel like a boss both in your home and at the office.

Fashion meets function, the stylish leather mixed with the ability to soothe your sore muscles. Working hasn’t been more stylish and comfortable.


Marley Revolution w/ 3-button Mic Controller


See it here: http://www.shopinas.com/product/view/7721

Play your favorite tunes, rock out and belt out those tunes and live in the moment while you look cool with this headphone. We look cool while banging our heads following the beat of the drums.


T3 (2 in 1 game)


See it here: http://www.shopinas.com/product/view/8774

Let off some steam with this cool tic tac toe and Achi game “board”. It will take your mind off gadgets and relieve classic games. Plus you can invite a friend to play.


HMDX Docking Speaker 


See it here:  http://homedics.shopinas.com/product/view/8226

Rock out the cool beats with these speakers and match the great sounds with your fly moves or simply dance along to sweat all your stress away.


Box of Chocolate Fruit Balls


See it here:  http://boholproducts.shopinas.com/product/view/6477

Chocolates are natural stress relievers. So why not bite into your pleasure and taste some local made chocolates that can lift you up to cloud nine and even to chocolate hills.

 Homedics Bubble Bliss Foot Spa


See it here:  http://homedics.shopinas.com/product/view/7988

Can’t go to the spa? Then why not have your own spa at home. Set up your home to be zen like and install the right equipment like this footspa from Homedics. It will wash away your tired feet anf rejuvenate it back again.


Whichever way you want to de-stress your system, shopinas.com will be here to aid you along with our Sellers. We also have a variety of items you can choose from that are always available. You can find all here, at the easiest, most secure and happiest online shopping mall, shopinas.com.



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