Stylish Chic Tara Cabullo

Featured Shopper: Stylish Chic Tara Cabullo

Meet this week’s featured shopper, stylish chic Tara Cabullo.

Stylish Chic Tara Cabullo
Stylish Chic Tara Cabullo


Tara purchased Hair Heroes and Here Comes The Sunblock from Snoe Beauty Products. Here’s what she shared about her shopping experience:

What prompted you to buy the items using
I didn’t have time to buy these items at the store.

Are you satisfied with the item? Why (or why not)?
Yes. Snoe is one of my favorite local brands.

Please list other products that you are looking to buy online.
Mostly Snoe products.

Were you happy with the overall experience with Why (or why not)?
I liked that someone from Shopinas texted me to know if I’ve gotten my order yet.

Which area of our service do you think we need to improve?
Quicker delivery.


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