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A Gift for Mom

Get the World’s best Mom a Gift!

Shopinas.com has a collection of gifts and accessories that are perfect for Mom.

Browse through our handpicked items suitable for any type of mother. We’ll ship your order to her for mother’s day. It’s not too late to say I Heart You Mom.

Don’t forget the date, May 13.


The House Mom –  Philips Clock Radio, iPhone, iPod Speaker Dock

“Who say’s I can’t move and sing to your generation’s song? I enjoy listening to my favorite tunes while cleaning a place called, OUR HOME” – Mom

 Being a mother is a full-time job, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy housework. Listen to your iPod music or radio tunes with this speaker dock while cooking, cleaning, or when you and hubby get time alone, listen to your wedding songs and dance the night away.


The Sweet Mom – Collapsible cupcake tray (OTOP, Tindahang Pinoy)

“When I prepare for you, it taste good and it looks good” – Mom

Get a hobby, bake cupcakes! A mom’s life shouldn’t be boring! And hey, your kid’s will enjoy this great way of displaying cupcakes.


For the Best Cook in the world: Mom – Recipe box (Domesticity)

“My special recipe is always ready when you’re hungry” – Mom

Moms are always the best cooks! Show her how much you appreciate her special dishes by giving her this recipe box organizer


The Techy Mom – iSisid by Shopinas.com

“With this I can capture all our special moments anywhere!” – Mom

Is mom’s temple run score better than yours? Does she have more twitter followers than you? Can’t she stop posting videos on her wall and updating her status? You better get her an iSisid for her iPhone 4/4s or iPod 4G, this waterproof hard case will allow mom to take her phone in any outdoor trip without fear of destroying it.


The Sporty Mom – Vibram Five Fingers

“I’ll stay fit and live as long as I can to see my children’s children.” – Mom

Vibram five finger’s KSO Trek Sport is best for: Trekking, Climbing, Running, Fitness and Travel Optimize your outdoor performance! Who say’s moms can’t stay fit and sexy? Make sure she’s always the hottest momma in the block. If she’s happy, she’ll make you happy!


MOTHER Nature – VERDE Bags (Versatile, Effective, Reusable, Durable, Eco-friendly)

“I don’t need expensive gifts; all I want is the best for you.” – Mom

MOTHER Nature needs our help; this is a good way to lessen the use of plastic bags and paper bags. Mom could sure use this when she goes to the grocery, or the market. Sometimes, it’s simple, practical gifts like this that makes our day.


The Unique Mom – Jacinto and Lirio

“It makes me feel special when I have something unique” – Mom

Jacinto and Lirio offers a traditional bag that is made from 100% water hyacinth leather, with sustainable cow leather, acacia wooden handle and maple base, finished by leather tassels and Murano/agate glass charms.


The New Mom – Mommy and Me Nursing cover (Mommy Matters)

“We’re inseparable…” – Mom

 A mommy will do anything for her baby, even if it means breastfeeding in public. Share this product with new mom’s to give the privacy they need and want when nursing their babies wherever they are. With this, you and your baby are inseparable!


The Mommy who can take all the pain away – Jar of Hope First Aid Gel (Indigo Baby)

“I’ll always protect you” – Mom

Got a bubu on your finger? Insect bite? Feeling sick in the car? Tummy ache? The first word we always say when we feel bad is “ma….” And mom always has the perfect remedy. Jar of Hope First Aid Gel is just the thing for mommies. Made out of blue chamomile essential oil, this gel is great for mommy and daddy burnouts, stress, insomnia, fussy babies, insect bites, motion sickness, inflammation, (relieves puffy eyes from sleepless nights) rashes, cuts and wounds. Also helpful with teething!!


Me Time for Mom – Happy Heels – Snoe

“Ahhh…. Me time!” – Mom

Come on even Mom’s need a break! Have a Mother-Daughter, Mother-Son, Mother-Husband, bonding while using this relaxing foot scrub set from Snoe. And if you really want to make it extra special for Mom, hire a masseur and set-up a home-service-spa for mom and her friends or with your dad and give them that quality time for relaxing.


The Beautiful Mom – Crème Renew (Franche)

“I will always look and be at my best so that you will always be proud of me” – Mom

A mother is selfless but it doesn’t mean that you should stop taking care of yourself! This anti-aging night cream contains an exfoliating complex of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and vitamin C. Enriched with Milk Protein Serum and a French Sea Mineral Complex; it gently and effectively reduces the visible signs of aging by helping to stimulate collagen for firmer, smoother skin.


The Enlightened Mom – 20-hour emergency candles (The Candle Room)

“I will always be the light in your darkest hour… Forever” – Mom

Moms are always ready; they like to be prepared for everything. This candle is for lighting, heating, and cooking in emergency situations such as blackouts, car trouble and natural calamities. Also great for camping, boating, road-trips, travel, picnics, and other outdoor activities.


The Single Mom – Best in Black – Puritzky

“Even if I’m alone in this, I will always be tough and strong for you” -Mom

An elegant looking Necklace which comes with a pair of earrings can also be worn as a belt or bracelet. Remind mom that she can be herself and be the demure lady she is.


Make her feel Super Dooper Extra special! Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!


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