Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Up Early For School


It’s back to school month again. It’s time for all students to be back on your uniforms. It’s time to say hello to your old friends and new classmates. But first you have to remember, that you have to be punctual or you will be in great trouble from your advisers. You don’t want that, do you?

It’s the truth that one of the greatest lies that we say every day is that you’ll wake up after a few minutes after hearing your alarm.  Maybe it lies in the fact that we see the importance of a nice rest than of waking up to do tedious tasks.

But nonetheless we will give you enough reasons to convince you that getting up early is a must especially this back to school.

Avoid Traffic


Aren’t you getting tired of being stuck in traffic? It will make you grumpy and hot headed. It will create this bad mood that you can’t seem to shake off. It will ruin your focus. Worst, is that it can affect you throughout the day.

If you woke up early:

It will spare you from the “squeeze”. You can have the space that you need when riding public transportation without the risk of sharing the “amoy araw” scent”.

It will spare you from the busy sound of the road and the screaming manong drivers in the morning.

It will prevent you from lining up for the MRT or LRT.

It will give you shorter travel time which will cause you to arrive earlier.



If you gave yourself an early start for the day, you may be able to indulge yourself. You could enjoy the simple pleasures more than rushing yourself to arrive early for school.

If you woke up early:

You will be able to enjoy a nice breakfast with your mom. You can share your first day blues plus your new school crush.

You can seat with your sibling to tease her about his/her new seatmate or new classmates.

You can indulge on this yummy breakfast your mom made for you. You can chew slowly and have it as your driving force for school.

You won’t just sip that perfectly prepared hot coffee but you can actually savour its goodness.

Accomplish More


You have a lot of things that is left undone. Cramming is one of the favourite student habit we can’t seem to get rid of. If you have pending tasks left undone, you are surely not going to be able to focus while doing commute. You will surely be checking your notes or do some while you’re commuting.

If you woke up early:

You can have a spare time to do these tasks. You may not finish all the tasks that need to be done but you can at least lessen it. Plus being early in school, gives you the advantage for more quiet time while doing your tasks.

More “ME” Time


Your mornings should be a time for you to prepare for the whole day. It shouldn’t be that time where you go all around the house picking up the things you think you need. It’s the time to enjoy the simple pleasures.

If you woke up early:

You can watch the morning show without the hassle of running around while catching up the news.

You can have that extra time inside the shower.

You can have that morning exercise that your body has been waiting for.

No Rush


Stop the need to rush. Your morning preparation need not be rushed. You can go with the flow with the commute. Just remember that you need an extra hour as an allowance if ever you get “ipit” with the traffic.  You also have to make sure that you know what time you actually need to be in school better to be sure than sorry.

If you woke up early:

You can be rest assured that you will be in school completely prepared.

Your mind will be cleared of any distractions so in return it will be ready for all the lessons for that day.

“People say it’s the journey that matters more than the destination.”

So we wish you all to enjoy your early commute to school. No need to rush, it’s better to enjoy the stress free travel you will have, being prepared for that whole day of fun learning. Plus if you’re prepared before going to school, you won’t worry about a single thing.

Enjoy the crazy fun school bus moments, the sweet simple pleasure of heart melting goodness to see your crush on the way to school and to have that cool bonding moments with friends.

Have fun on your way to school! We wish you all the happy school memories you can have.

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